Project #76719 - relation to the American Family

1.            Choose one of the following subjects to research in relation to the American Family today:


Selecting a Partner

Hooking Up

Living Apart Together (LAT)






Single Parenting

Domestic Violence

Alternate Family Forms

Older People and their Families

Family history in relation to a particular ethnic group


2.            You are to have a minimum eight (8) references. Three (3) of the eight references must represent one each of the following *:


            A newspaper article

            An Internet article

            A chapter from a book

            An article from a journal

            An article from the popular press


*From eight reference sources you must choose at least three types

For example, you could have three newspaper articles, two Internet articles  and  three articles from a journal = eight references from 3 sources. These references should be current within the last 5 years.  I will accept 1 classic reference (like those older ones listed in your text.) Classic means that it is groundbreaking and often cited in literature even years later. I want these reported in APA style, and here are several examples:


                Curtis, D., & Carter, M. (2010). Rethinking early childhood environments to enhance learning. Young Children, 60(3), 34–38.

                Daniel, J., & Friedman, S. (2011). Preparing teachers to work with culturally and linguistically diverse children. Young Children, 60(5). Beyond the Journal. Retrieved July 7, 2007 from


3.            The paper must be a minimum of nine pages, doubled spaced and word processed or typed and attached in the assignment area. This nine pages does notinclude the reference page!  Remember when attaching, it should be a document that I can open such as .doc,

            .docx, .rtf, or .pdf  If I cannot open,  I cannot grade them.


4.            The paper is to have the due date and the subject of your research and a reference page at the end with correct references. Use the reference format in the back of the textbook. This paper should be grammatically correct so be sure to use Spell check and check your grammar.    If the paper has more than 4 grammatical errors on the first page, I won’t grade it. Grammar includes spelling, capitalization, proper tenses (using same tense throughout), correct sentence structure, clauses, run- on sentences etc.  Here are a few websites I found that might be of help- I am not endorsing them, but they looked helpful:








If you have any doubts about your paper, please go to the writing lab or English tutoring area of the tutoring center for help. If English isn't your first language, you might want to go to the ESL tutoring section of the tutoring lab first, before going to the writing lab or English tutoring area.


5.            You may choose the way in which you approach your research.  For example, if the subject is divorce, you may research the effects of divorce on children, or how divorce affects the economy of the family, or how it affects those who are actually divorcing.  If you have any questions on

your approach to your research, do not hesitate to talk to me.


6.        I would like you to include a paragraph or two as to why you choose the

            subject and if  it has personal meaning to you.  This helps me to

           understand your perspective. Please be careful not to make the paper

           based solely upon your beliefs without using the text as the basis and not

           your opinion.  Your opinion, while relevant in a paragraph or so, does not constitute research.



Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 07/17/2015 12:00 am
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