Project #76612 - tough love

4-5 page paper double spaced using this outline


Introduction: The words "Tough love" are hard to live by. Many parents feel like this is the way to push their kids to go further in life and be independent. Tough love is a technique parents use to help their kids grow in life without always being independent on them. Overall, having the tough Love morals is shown to make kids grow up to be more independant.

1. Tough Love starts when they are kids, and continue throughout. Kids that have everything handed to them do not work as hard and do not show they are capable of much. For example, When kids graduate college, they believe they have the right to come back home and their parents will support them again. Well thats where tough love should come in. "Psychologists call this trend “emerging adulthood.”

Parents should stop paying after college

is their help really helping or hurting their financial growth

should they be allowed to move back home

Paying Bills for Adult Children? Try Tough Love Instead." MarketWatch. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 July 2015.

2. using tough love should leave all drug and alcohol problems at the door. KNowing your parents are strict kids would respect them more and be more responsible with their actions.

does it affect the family

does it affect anyone else's mental state

 Moorhead, Johanna. "I Threw out My Drug Taking Son." N.p., 3 June 2013. Web. 13 July 2015.

3. Starting off teaching your kid strict rules is easy, but keeping it is the hard part.

keeping strict rules will teach them responsibility

clear boundaries and punishments

"Tough Love." The Independent. Independent Digital News and Media, n.d. Web. 13 July 2015.

4. Tough love means kids who live in a stricter household. There are not many problems with kids who grow up with firm parents and beliefs that they stand by

kids rarely get in trouble at school

do better in school

are more friendly

Children's Reactions to Tough Love From Parents." Motherhood. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 July 2015.


1. this relates to the topic because it's showing kids who grow up with things handed to them rely on that for their life and don't get too far. This is starting them of being ambitious and responsible.

2.  This relates because if kids are growing up in a strict household they wouldn't dare to bring drugs or alcohol because they know they have clear punishments. This shows they are responsible to make choices other teens cannot.

3.  Keeping the strict rules are hard but when you keep them the kids grow up with that mentality for their kids making them already responsible adults.

4. This keeps the kids responsible because they won't act up and cause problems to anyone including the parents.

Conclusion: There are many outcomes for being a tough love parent. But many come in the future. TO ensure your child a life that will help them succeed and be responsible is the best way since everyone wants what is best for their kids.


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