Project #75418 - C++ homework

need to complete the code to work, instructions are commented in the code presented


//Purpose: to sum two large integers (up to 20 digits each).




//Input: digits of two integers


// It appears that a "partially filled array structure"


//from the text will be of value here.


//Output: the sum of the two large integers is written to the






//algorithm: computer version of the traditional paper and


// pencil algorithm.


//add low order digits, record carry.


//while digits remain,


// add next higher order digits and the carry, recording


// the carry


//If the sum is beyond the capacity of a 20 digit array to


//represent, the program, then report overflow.


#include <iostream>


#include <cstdlib>


#include <cctype>


const int MAX_DIGITS = 20;


//fetches a sequence of digits from the input,


//converts to integer values, records size


void input( int number[], int& size);


//displays the Large_integer's digits in correct order


//on the screen


void output( const int number[], int size);


//input: two large integers


//output: a large integer that is the sum of the inputs


void add ( int first[], int first_size, int second[],


int second_size, int sum[], int& sum_size);




int main()




//Design decision: lower indices correspond


//to lower order digits


using namespace std;


int first[MAX_DIGITS+1];


int first_size; //number of digits first_size


int second[MAX_DIGITS +1];


int second_size;


int sum[MAX_DIGITS +1];


int sum_size;


cout << "Large integer summing program " << endl;


cout << "Please enter an integer, 20 digits or less "


<< endl;


input( first, first_size );


cout << "you entered " << endl;


output (first, first_size);


cout << endl;


cout << "Enter another integer, 20 digits or less" << endl;


input( second, second_size );


cout << "you entered " << endl;


output (second, second_size);


cout << endl << endl;


cout << "The sum is: " << endl;


output(first, first_size);


cout << endl;


output(second, second_size);


cout << endl;


cout << "----------------------" << endl;


add(first, first_size, second,


second_size, sum, sum_size );


output( sum, sum_size );


cout << endl;


return 0;






Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 07/02/2015 09:00 am
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