Project #75051 - Project Research

Ive attatched the main guide lines for this assignment in a file but the teacher added this... 2500-3000 words


Project 3:

This is basically what the project in the project assignment called for:

Students are required to select a topic related to global, social, ethical, or legal issues with digital media. You will perform in-depth research and provide an explanation of how issues associated with your selected topic relates to the consumption of digital media. You cannot just do global, social , ethical or legal issues with digital media in general... You cannot do a subject/topic  that you have already done.  Note:  by this I mean not something you did one of other projects on.

Paper Requirements

       Table of Contents


       Body would have:

  • Research 
  • Findings 
  • Context & Additional Explanations 

Ensure you read the document attached in project 3 assignment


Project 3:

Some topics you are welcome to use

The legal impact of digital media on privacy

Legal and ethical aspects of Copyright infringement

Legal impact of digital media on music industry

legal aspects of cyberstalking

Social and legal aspects of cyberstalking

Legal aspects of cyberbullying

CyberBullying and digital media and social, and legal issues

Sexting and social, ethical, legal aspects to our youth

Legal and ethical aspects of electronic medical records 

Legal, social and ethical issues and Facebook and employment

Social media impact on Terrorism 

Social media impact on ISIS

Crowdsourcing--Charitable giving and social, global, ethical, legal aspects.  

      New topic I thought of that has been on my radar lately.  I think all aspects could apply as some go online now and ask others for money to buy a new or newer car which irritates me when I see things like this or ask for money to go to someones wedding.  There is no doubt that chartible giving has been greatly impacted by social media and you could explore the good, the bad and the ugly as they say related to social, global, ethical and legal aspects as they apply.  


….Again… cannot just do global, social , ethical or legal issues with digital media in general... 

You are welcome to use those that are above and ask me if you want to use others to ensure you will be successful. 

There is plenty out there as far as research for all the topics above.

Other important notes: 

When I look at the title on your title page I should know what I am going to be reading about. The titles I use in my topics above would tell me that. It is important. 

As I read your introduction by the end I should understand where you are going…..

Do not forget the table or contents  as it 5 points off the top..

Realize that in the rubric you have to have research, ,findings and context and additional findings....

Finding portion of grading criteria……you need to ensure that you can find research related to your topic that has findings that are quantifiable ...such as statistics, percentages of this or that, etc..and you have to be able to put everything in context of digital media 

Also you have to ensure that you have enough to write about so ensure you are not too narrow or broad in your topic and that you have enough in your research to actually do your topic

Please use headings for organization

I always write an outline when I am writing a paper of any significant size to keep me organized as I write and it also helps me to see if I have enough on my topic.....You do not have to turn in an outline.  You have to have table of contents.

A common question is:

Do I have to do all, legal, social and ethical on my topic?   No you do not.  Many times a couple apply and that is what you would do.  If you have alot with just the legal aspect of your topic then just do legal and when you are putting in context in the end portion you could add in some about other areas to help put in context.....



Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 07/03/2015 12:00 am
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