Project #74978 - Technology Discussion


What role has technology played in your local society or your culture? Describe an impact or change in your local society/culture that is happening or has happened because of ONE specific technology, website, or software app.

It must connect with one of the topics in this unit:

  • Education.
  • Business.
    • OR
  • Governance.

Focus on ONE specific technology then go to the Web and find an example of this. We are not looking at technology as a whole but specific examples like in the module.

How to Organize Your Post

This starts out as a very personal discussion but needs to bring in course materials later on.

Start with a description of your culture and society. Without this, it is difficult to judge the impact technology has made. A couple of sentences will do this. This is a personal statement and needs no referencing. It should tell us who you are and specifically what your culture/society is. Do not look for a formal definition, rather explain who you rare. 

e.g., I am a 4th generation Canadian and have lived in Mississauga my entire life. 
I was raised in Canada but I was born in Hong Kong. I am focusing on the Chinese part of my culture, specially all the changes that are happening there lately.

Bring it into the discussion and explain:

  1. An example of the specific technology, website, or software app and the incident that you chose.
  2. How this is related to your culture or society.
  3. Try to relate it to ONE incident. It will help you focus your thoughts.
  4. Why you chose this particular example instead of all the others out there.
  5. Why this is relevant and important to you.
  6. How this would have been done differently if the technology had not existed.

Bring in your personal experiences and explain your culture. They will be necessary for this topic but make sure to back it up with evidence from the course. 

Do not limit yourself to just these questions and do not just answer them in bullet form. Expand on the points that I have given you. Tie it back to the unit and connect it to the readings, videos and other things discussed.

NOTE: Just for clarification, while we all live in the same society, there are many aspects of culture and subculture that are unique to us. This is because we live in a multicultural environment and many of us are connected directly by our parents or grandparents to other cultures. For example, you may be Greek, Muslim, a third generation Canadian or an international student. Use these differences to your benefit. If you do not have a direct connection, remember we still have the concept of being from a city, a province and a country as well as specific areas within those larger entities.

Be Creative

As mentioned in every module, I am looking for you to be creative. However, it is especially true for this module. I do not want you to post the same thing as everyone else. I will give marks to the first person who posts an example. If you use that example as well, your marks will suffer. I want you to be unique and find your own information. The Internet is a huge resource and there are more than enough unique examples for all of us.

All the same standards as always apply but there is a new one here as well. Remember that this is worth 10%. I am looking for substantial work. Think 1 page of writing or 400 to 500 words. 

Use 4 References using any of the following readings:

*Let me know which topic you choose education, business or governance and I'll send you the links to the readings needed to refer to*

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/29/2015 12:00 am
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