Project #74755 - international Business

You should provide an in-depth analysis of the key environmental factors in China, which may potentially impact (positively and negatively) a firm considering whether to build a manufacturing plant. Your firm will need a plentiful supply of both skilled and manual labor, the ability to easily import raw materials and transport them within the country, and cost effectively export finished products to its markets in Europe, the United States, India, and Japan. In each case you should use the most current data that is available. You should conduct your own on-line research in completing this assignment. Make sure that you provide me a working link to any source you use. You must provide me with a minimum of 10 working links. Multiple links from the same website will only count as one link. You should NOT use on-line encyclopedias as part of your research. Encyclopedias will not be counted as a legitimate source. If you want to get more than a minimal grade then you have to put forth more than a minimal effort.

Use bullet points to present your answers to the questions that follow. Here is a website to help you properly use bullet points:
At a minimum you should answer the following questions:
1. Location
How far is your country located from your target markets?
What difficulties may you encounter?

2. Infrastructure
What is the quality of the telecommunications system, highways, rail system, and ports?
How will this country’s infrastructure impact the shipment of raw materials to your plants and shipment of your product to your target markets?

3. Labor
Is there a readily available supply of workers?
How well educated is the average citizen?
Will language or culture present any difficulties?
Are unions prevalent? What problems may they present?
Is there a minimum wage?

4. Economic Environment
How would you describe your country’s economic situation?
Has the macroeconomic situation improved, deteriorated, or stayed the same during the past five years?
Has its currency appreciated, depreciated, or stayed the same during the last five years? If you notice large changes, what political, economic, or other issues might have affected these changes? What will be the cost implications of these trends for your company?

5. Political environment
What form of government does this country possess?
How open is it to free enterprise?
How open is it to foreign participation in its market?
What major problems does the government face?
How politically risky is it? What factors contribute to this political risk?
If you wish to earn an above average or excellent grade, then you must not only answer these questions but also supplement them by those that you think are important.

Although data collection will be extremely important, this assignment is NOT merely about providing a mass of data. Rather it requires critically interpreting data, analyzing historical patterns, speculating on future trends, and assessing each country’s potential. What opportunities or pitfalls do you see? What points stand out the most? Based on everything you learned, you should provide me with your analysis of whether or not your firm should move forward with building a manufacturing plant. The recommendation must be a minimum of 500 words and be written in paragraph form.
Please be sure to use the following template:
E. Conclusion



Economic Environment
Political Environment

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/23/2015 11:50 pm
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