Project #74604 - Critical Annotated Bibliography & Proposal Essay

Critical Annotated Bibliography & Proposal Essay (30% of course grade) (only write this essay)


The third assignment is to write a critical annotated bibliography consisting of academic eight sources. You also write a two-page introduction and proposal in which you 1. explain your search strategy and 2. describe your proposed plan for using each of your listed sources in your researched essay. The research done for the annotated bibliography will be the foundation for the research needed for the next assignment. NOTE: You will NOT be allowed to submit the next project if you do not complete this assignment.

Argument Essay (30% of course grade) (you don't need to write this right now. The instruction doesn't show yet, but  I will pose the other homework when it is open. Since this two essay is related. I will find you again for this essay. Just finish the top one first)


For the fourth assignment, you will write an eight-to-ten page researched argument. You will use the research that you completed for your bibliography and follow the plan that you outlined in your proposal essay. NOTE: You will not receive a passing grade for this class if you do not  turn in this assignment. This assignment will be due Thursday, 7/9, by 11:59 PM.




First Step




Define Topics of Interest: Due 6/24, 11:59 PM




Instructions: Topics of Interest Assignment As you might imagine, since the theme for this class is “Food,” your research projects will be required to be food related. But that is a very, very broad topic. In an academic setting, it is always wise to research and write about a topic that holds some interest for you, that you will be interested in learning about. But that does not mean that professors are obligated to allow you to choose any subject you wish. The obligation lies, instead, with you – to find some aspect of, or slant on, the general topic assigned. There are always more aspects of a topic than come to mind at first consideration. To demonstrate this and to help you find a topic of interest to you, I have set up a Pinterest account on which one of my boards is “Food Safety and Other Food-Related Issues: An exploration of issues related to the production, processing, preparation, and marketing of food.”




Your assignment is to


1. Set up a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one (it takes only a few seconds), 2. Search for me – Ruby Fowler. Then select “pinners.” There is more than one with that name – I’m the one with 1200+ pins.


3. Find my board “Food Safety and Other Food-Related Issues.”


4. Scroll through the pins. Click on ones that catch your interest and read more (or view more, in the case of the videos and movies). Take your time; jot down ones that you might be interested in learning more about.


5. Once you have completed your review, select the three topics in which you are most interested.


6. In a document, identify the three topics, the articles on the Pinterest board that related to them and piqued your interest, and write at least one FULL paragraph for EACH topic that explains why your think you might be interested in this topic. There is no right or wrong on this! I am merely seeking your level of interest in potential topics.


7. Format your document in MLA style (Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced, one-inch margins, etc.)


8. Submit your document.






Second Step




Preliminary Research Assignment


Choose TWO of the three topics from your "Topics of Interest" assignment. In order to make yourself more familiar with the subject, do some general research and reading on the general topic: 


Try starting with a general Google web search.


See what Wikipedia has to say. (You would NOT ever cite Wikipedia as an expert source, but it's perfectly fine for a starting point before you get into the "real" research; it can usually give you some good background understanding of your general topic.


Do a Google News search to see what is happening most recently.


Remember, at this point, you are not looking for materials that you will use as expert sources for your project; it is unlikely that any of these sources would be acceptable for an academic project. Your purpose is to develop more familiarity with various aspects of the subject so that you will be better able to decide how you want to narrow and focus your research topic and argument.


There is no required written component to this assignment.




Third Step




Assignment: Write Possible Research Questions


For EACH of the TWO topics from your Topics of Interest assignment on which you chose to do preliminary research: Write a research question. Remember that this is the one, primary question to which you want to find the answer through your research. The answer to this question will be the claim -- the thesis -- of your researched argument essay that you will write for project 4. This is an informal assignment -- feel free to express any concerns you have about the topics or the question you submitting. If you wish, you may submit more than one possible question for each topic.


This assignment is not graded, but it is required that you complete it. The annotated bibliography project will NOT be accepted if this assignment is not completed. I will give you feedback on your research questions and approve (or dis-approve) your topics. 


This is due by 6/27 at 11:59 PM




Fourth Step


Write the annotated bibliography and proposal essay. (Instructions are at top of this document) MLA format






Fifth Step




Write the Argument Essay (Instructions are at top of this document) MLA format


















I have attached the example essays (annotated bibliography and proposal) my professor gave me, which is supposed to help me format my essay. Thank you very much for your help.









Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/24/2015 10:00 pm
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