Project #74373 - Unit 9: Positioning the Organization for Success (revised)


Locate and review the document called Concierge Care Backgrounder found in Doc Sharing.

To prepare for this Assignment, you might also want to view the PBS NewsHour video, Concierge

Medicine: Greater Access for a Fee, found here:

Source: Concierge Medicine: Greater Access for a Fee: PBS. Retrieved from

Prepare a 3–4 page (1000-1200 words) analysis for Dr. Green that demonstrates your consideration

of your practice’s current capabilities with regard to 1) adopting a concierge care business model or

2) expanding the existing practice. (Feel free to look at sample SWOT or Porter’s Five Forces

Framework templates for ideas, but do not use a template because some applications may not be

able to “read” the template you select.)

It is important to note that there are no completely right or wrong answers for this Assignment. In the

end, the physicians will make the final decision, but they are looking to you to evaluate the situation

from a business perspective, to have asked the right questions and to do the legwork.

Your submission will be graded based on your clear demonstration that the following have been


• Competition

• Customers (mix, customer demand)

• Continuity of care

• Value

• Sources of revenue

• Costs (including marketing, technology, payroll, office fit-out)

• Staffing needs (propose specific roles and responsibilities)

• Ethical concerns

Finally, in a concise summary paragraph or two, present your recommendation to your employers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the status quo versus moving to a concierge care

model? Does a hybrid model make sense? If so, how would you structure it, and why do you think it

is the desired option?

Remember to be clear and detailed in your responses. Your writing should follow the conventions of

Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.), and it should be logical, original

and insightful. Finally, ensure that your paper fully conforms to APA Style and include a cover page

and a reference page.



• The body of the paper should be 3–4 pages (1000-1200 words) in length. A title page and a

reference page should also be included but do not apply to the length requirement.

• The paper should be written in an essay format, with transitions between paragraphs that discuss

specific topic areas or thoughts. Include an introduction and conclusion.

• Double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font

• Follow the conventions and mechanics of Standard American English (correct grammar, sentence

structure, punctuation, etc.).

• The submission should be presented in an organized, logical and unified manner and consist of

superior content that is original and insightful.

• Include at least one reference. Neither the course textbook nor the PBS video may count toward the

reference requirement for this Assignment, but you should still cite these sources if you utilize them.

All references should follow APA style format.

• Meet APA style requirements throughout the submission, including title page, formatting, citations in

the body of the text as well as related references


grading rubic very important


Unit 9 Assignment Grading Rubric = 160 points

Assignment Requirements Points

possible Pointsearned by student

Demonstrates consideration of competitive



Demonstrates consideration of customer



Demonstrates consideration of continuity of



Demonstrates consideration of value concerns. 0-15

Demonstrates consideration of revenue sources. 0-15

Demonstrates consideration of costs. 0-15

Demonstrates consideration of possible staffing



Demonstrates consideration of ethical



Produces a well-constructed, logical summary



Subject Medicine
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/22/2015 12:00 am
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