Project #74299 - 18-22 powerpoint slide on digital media




Digital media has changed the ways ideas, information, and arguments in society are communicated both locally and globally. Individuals and organizations frequently use digital media as a means to influence individuals and organizations. 

 Deliverable for Project 2

Students are required to identify news stories which demonstrate how digital media has been used to influence or has changed core business processes within organizations or for individuals. You will then create a presentation using PowerPoint which interprets and analyzes how the messages within the digital media were used to guide decision-making. Ensure that this is done on organization or individual not a broad topic. If unsure ask me about topic




Formatting Requirements

  1. Number of Slides: Minimum of 18 slides and a maximum of 22. Gradated penalty for too less or too many slides. This means that the more slides you are away from the 18-to-22 range, the more points will be deducted.  The slide count excludes the title and bibliographical slides.
  2. Layout and Design: Slides must be easy to read and uncluttered
  3. Font Size: Use standard font like Times New Roman or Arial. A good rule of thumb is about 36-point font for title, 28-point font for main points, and 24-point font for secondary points.
  4. Footer: Include the slide number, title of your presentation, and your name in the footer (except on title slide).
  5. File Name: The document is saved using the correct protocol (FirstInitial_LastName_Presentation
  6. Images: Images appropriate for the presentation are encouraged. The images must look professional (not cartoonish, pixilated, or poorly designed). No more than five pictures/images for the entire presentation.
  7. Background/Theme: Appropriate for the presentation. Use creativity here, but your background color or design must not detract from the readability of the slides. A bad example would be using dark text against a dark background. Make sure the background and font colors are a good contrast.

Presentation Requirements

  1. Title Slide: Include your name, instructor’s name, course name, project title.
  2. Contents:
    1. Introduction and Synopsis of News Story
    2. Influence on or change to Organization and/or Individual
    3. Analysis of How Digital Media Guided Decision Making
    4. Conclusion and Analysis of Results of Change

3.     Do not give a term paper on slides.  In other words slides should have bullets with key points not large paragraphs of text..  You can use notes area to give more detail and I would expect that area would need to be used to do this sufficiently. 

4.     Use heading on slides with criteria you are covering for example.  Slides related to how digital media guided decision making should have title on slide that lets reader know that is what you are covering . This presents and organized presentation.


  1. References
    1. Biographical Slide:
    2. Minimum of 2 professional / scholarly sources cited using APA formatting.
      1. Sites such Wikipedia are not permitted and are not considered to have sufficient veracity
      2. A slide with full references is expected and in text references are expected either on the slide or in notes area which is below the slide in normal view. If you do not know what that is let me know.
      3. Work will not be accepted that does not have in text references and full references





  1. Due Date: June 21, 2015
  2. Late Penalty

This assignment will be accepted up to 5 days late. 10% will be deducted for each day late(24 hour period starting at due date deadline) For example, if you are one day late, your grade will be deducted 10%, leaving you with a 90% if there are no other deductions . If turned in 5 days late your grade will be deducted 50% leaving you with a starting grade of 50% if there are no other deductions.  After 06-26-2015 at 11:59 p.m.,Friday, this assignment will not be accepted or graded. Your Assignments folder will be closed at this point as well and you will not be able to physically submit the assignment. 

Exceptions may be allowed, on a case-by-case basis, for life situations (military deployment, medical illness, death in the family, etc). In all cases, timely notification of a "life situation" is critical to the approval of any extensions. All exceptions must be accompanied by official documentation, which is subject to inspection and approval. Work load, course load, vacations, bad memory, or computer malfunctions are not acceptable excuses.

Running Close to the Deadline? Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your assignment. Give yourself at least a 5-hour window to account for any technical difficulties that might arise. If you experience technical difficulties beyond your control that do not allow you to successfully complete the assignment, immediately follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact LEO Help and Support. Inform them off the problem you are having. Get a problem ticket number from them to document the situation.
Step 2: E-mail me ASAP and include a description of the problem you are having and your problem ticket number from LEO Help and Support, so I can investigate the situation.
Step 3: Attempt to post your assignment in your LEO Workbook.
Step 4: E-mail the assignment to me. 


Grade Value
This project is worth 20% of your total grade for the course.




Points Value

Your Score

Formatting  and Length



  1. The number of slides meets the specified requirement (not less than 15 and not more than 22) Amount of content appropriate



  1. Slides are easy to read, and are uncluttered Font size, type background appropriate, Other formatting details such as footer etc



3.     Document is saved using the correct protocol (FirstInitial_LastName_presentation



Presentation Requirements



Title Slide includes your name, instructor’s name, course name, project title.






a.   Introduction and Synopsis of News Story



b.   Influence on or change to Organization and/or Individual



c.   Analysis of How Digital Media Guided Decision Making



d.   Conclusion and Analysis of Results of Change



Biographical Slide contains a minimum of 2 professional/scholarly sources cited using APA formatting.  Read #5 in directions. Both full and in text references required.










All work must be your own and you are expected to complete the assignment(s) without assistance. As with all work, you should be sure it meets the UMUC Student Code of Conduct (

NOTE: You will be held responsible for posting your assignments correctly. Please save the file using the following protocol: FirstInitial_LastName_Presentation. For example, C_Segura_Presentation   

NOTE:   Do not edit in the submission area. If you need to make changes before due date then resubmit.


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/19/2015 12:00 am
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