Project #73867 - Media log project (2pg)

Part 1: Media can be found just about everywhere. We are so immersed in it that we may not be fully aware of our own consumption of media. This project offers you the opportunity to track your media consumption. Find out exactly how much time you spend consuming media, where and with whom you are when you engage the media, and finally, what kind of media content you “allow” into your life. 

For five days (consecutive, preferably) document every time you engage the media. I have attached a sample log form with one example entry that you may use for reference. Or develop your own format for tracking your media consumption. Your log must include these important details: date and time of day, total amount of time per entry (i.e. number of minutes or hours,) location, people, medium or media, description of content (brief summary plus description of main characters and target audience.) Carry your log with you so you can jot notes along the way. Don’t think you’ll remember at the end of the day or the next day because you’ll find it difficult to remember each instance. You will need to turn in this log.   

Part 2: Keep your log for five days (in a row, preferably.) Then, once you’ve completed your media log, you will need to reflect on and evaluate the data you’ve collected. Write a narrative explaining your perceptions about your media consumption as well as the overall media log experience. Pay attention to the following questions:   

*After examining your log, how did the ACTUAL amount of media output you regularly consumed compare to your PERCEPTION of the amount of media you thought you regularly consumed?  

*On what medium do you spend the most time (radio, Internet, television, magazines, recordings, newspapers, film, books)? Why? Add the number of minutes for each category and note the breakdown.  

*Do you tend to consume media alone or with others?  

*Was the content you consumed valuable?  

*Focusing on your news media diet, what sources do you get your news from based on your log? Why do you trust your news sources? Do you tend to consume the news alone or do you talk to other people about the news? Explain. 

*Anything about your media consumption you’d like to change?  

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages, double-spaced. Turn in your narrative along with your media log by the deadline for this assignment. You also will need to keep up with 

your weekly materials, so do not procrastinate. Remember, I do not accept late assignments without penalty. 

There are 50 points possible. The grading criteria for this assignment are as follows: Media Log = 25 points 

ï‚· 5 days ï‚· Complete: Includes details as described in this assignment 

Narrative = 25 points 

ï‚· Addresses questions on page 1 of this assignment ï‚· Draws conclusions ï‚· Thoughtful analysis, not superficial ï‚· Proper spelling, grammar, punctuation 

Project Hint  

Students who write down every magazine they read, every newspaper they pick up, every radio station/song they listen to, every movie they go to, every television show they watch, every book they read (includes your text books, don’t forget,) every Internet journey they take do much better on this first assignment than students who try to remember things from memory and forget to take notes. Also, since your log is required as part of the assignment, not having any or few entries to turn in, having poor notes, or losing them during this project and not turning any in with your paper, will not give you a very high score at grading time. Plus, you won’t learn much about yourself, so the whole project will seem worthless in the end.  



Time (total) 

Location – people 

Medium or media Description of content (brief summary plus description of main characters & target audience) 

Example: 6 -6:30 p.m. (30 minutes) 

My house w/ girlfriend Television Friends, a sitcom about 6 friends in their 20s in NY. All are white. Target audience is probably people in their 20s or 30s. Saw car commercials and food commercials during the show.                               

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/19/2015 11:00 pm
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