Project #73673 - political science questions

Please could you answer the following questions using only the articles and chapters i attatched. If you could write 10-15 bulletpoints in answer form for each of the questions. PLEASE DONT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES


  1. Discuss the origins of Hezbollah and how it has sought to build support among Lebanese constituencies.

  2. WhyareIslamistpartiespopular?HowhaveIslamistspartiesbuiltbasesofsupport?

  3. Whyisfemalelaborforceparticipationimportant?

  4. What factors influenced the emergence of democracy protests in the Middle East

    and North Africa?

  5. Israel and Turkey are the most democratic countries in MENA. How does the

    relationship between religion and state limit civil liberties and equality in these


  6. How has the Assad regime adapted to popular protests and insurgency?

  7. AccordingtoSadowski,whatarethetwotypesofIslamicmassmovements?Howdo

    they differ?

  8. Identify and analyze the limitations of Islamist movements.

  9. AccordingtoSadowski,politicalIslamcanbedifferentiatedintothreegroups.What

    are they? How do they differ?

  10. Why are Algeria and Syria considered “two surprises” of the Arab Spring?

  11. Why do women support political Islam?

  12. How has the Arab Spring affected Turkish-Kurdish relations?

  13. What factors facilitated the rise of Islamist movements?

  14. Hassan II is portrayed as a protector of human rights and democracy. How did these

    change under his reign?

  15. How have women’s rights in Morocco improved?

  16. How is Morocco one of the best students of IMF?


17. How have the Amazigh sought to expand their rights?
18. Discuss and analyze the cleavages between the Ashkenazim and the Mizrahim.
19. What is the religious-secular divide in Israel? What are the implications of religious

institutionalization in Israel?
20. What factors led to the decline of the Labor Party?
21. What factors led to the Iranian Revolution?
22. How do political institutions limit competitiveness in Iranian elections?
23. How did the Shah challenge traditional gender relations?
24. Do Iran’s cleric share an economic vision for the state? How/how not?
25. How successful has Iran been in exporting the Revolution?
26. How does the spread of democracy in the Middle East affect US, Israeli, and Gulf

Arab interests? 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 06/13/2015 12:00 am
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