Project #73192 - ACTIVITY REPORT

The purpose of this assignment is to write an individual activity report.


As stated in the Guffey text, activity reports (or periodic reports) are written to keep management informed of operations. These reports are written weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. so business activities can be monitored and decisions made. Your activity report may contain a variety of data depending on the specific activity you are reporting on. Often you may have to describe an activity or event.


Your activity report should summarize the activities and events that have occurred during the reporting period. It should describe any irregular activities that occurred and, thirdly, highlight any special needs or problems.


For this assignment, you will work alone to produce a brief, one-page weekly activity report using memo format. Specifically, your report will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


A cover page with the student name, name of the assignment, and the topic

Memo format: worth 2 marks

A section summarizing the activity: 3 marks

A section explaining what was achieved during the week: 5 marks

A section highlighting any problems: 5 marks


This assignment must be completed using single-spacing. Approximate length: one pageThis report must be written using professional business language and be free of errors in spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Ensure you proof read and check your work before handing in.


Ensure you apply the techniques you have learned in Bus. Comm. with respect to: graphic highlighting, short paragraphs, concise and clear writing with interesting sentences.


Your topic: For a job that you currently hold or a previous job, describe your regular activities, discuss what was achieved during the week, and highlight any special needs recognized or problems encountered. If you have not held a job, you may use a volunteer job you have had, or a school week.



Written Assignment 2: Activity Report Marking Scheme

Activity Report


6 marks earned

7-8marks earned

9 marks earned

10 marks earned


Follows example in text. All required elements are present and placed correctly.Margins & indentation correct; subtitles if necessary.

Missingmanyrequired elements

Problems withseveralrequired elements

Problems with 2 or 3required elements

Problem withone required element

All required features present



Includes cover page. Should not require research. Includes section containing; specific information on job & duties, achievements for week; concludes with challenges, or issues, or problems. Possible solution to problem(s) if realistic.

Problems with manycontent areas

Problems withseveral content areas

Problems with 2 or 3content areas

Problem with one content area

Strong content, clear purpose, logical outline, correct tone, work schedule includes all necessary steps.

Mechanics & Style:

Free from any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Uses professional yet informal business language. Uses direct or indirect style as appropriate. Uses memo format; paragraphing correct; appropriate and varied vocabulary.

5 or more errors

4 or 5 errors

3 or 4 errors

1 or 2 errors

Zero errors


Headings are concise, Layout follows text model and is professional in appearance, easy to read. Single-spaced. Does not exceed two pages. Uses graphic highlighting, short paragraphs.

5 or more errors

4 or 5 errors in the visual layout of thework plan

Layout is not correct – 3 or 4 errors

Layout is good, with only 1 or 2 minor errors

Layout is excellent




Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/10/2015 12:00 pm
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