Project #72898 - Annotated References and Final Essay

I only wrote down so many details and broken down this work to as much detail I can possibly give just to help you make the work easier by making sure it is clear what I need from this task. Thank you in advance.


1. Annotated references: 5 sources, 1000-1500 words, APA style.

2. Final essay: 1500 words (± 10%), APA style.


This assignment requires to complete work for two assignments: the Annotated References and the Final Essay. The Annotated References is a preparation for the Final Essay. Given that, it makes sense to work back from there.


For the Final Essay, choose one of the two readings (both attached). Identify a theme or topic of interest in one of these articles and for the Final Essay please write a comparative evaluation/ analysis of three sources (one of which will one of the attached articles). 

Back to the annotated refrences, conduct the research necessary to writing the Final Essay. Research and find four credible sources that relate to the theme or topic of interest you have identified. Then, produce an annotated references list based on this research.


The purpose of any annotated references list is to give an account of research that has been completed on a project. Unlike a reference page or simple bibliography, an annotated reference list not only gives reference information for a given source but also provides a brief summary of the source you are annotating. When engaging in a research project, an annotated reference list can be a valuable tool, reminding you of the contents of each of the sources you have read and how they can be useful in your final report.

Include a total of five sources on the references list: one of the sources from the attached sources and four additional sources you will find yourself.

For each source, write two paragraphs as follows:


Paragraph 1: Summary of the source (~100-150 words).
Paragraph 2: Evaluation of the credibility of the source (~100-150 words).


Now moving to the final essay details, Working with three sources from the Annotated References assignment (one of which must be the one of the attached), write an analysis of the source material, identifying the central claim for each source, and comparing/contrasting source content. Do not forward your own claim or argument in this assignment; rather, you should engage the source material in a structured evaluation/critique.


- An effective analysis of source material should:

1.Identify the author’s purpose in writing.

2.Evaluate the author’s success in meeting this purpose.

3.Compare/contrast content, purpose, and style of sources.


- The short report must include the following elements:

1. Cover page: report title, your name, and submission date.


2. Introduction: source material introduced, uniting theme clearly stated, and contents of the report forecasted.


3. Analysis: sub-section headings (if appropriate); bulleted or numbered lists, and graphs, charts,

and tables are also suitable if they convey information effectively.

4. Conclusion.

5. References.



When evaluating, I will be looking for evidence that the paper:

1. Conforms to the design specifications of APA style.

2. For the annotated references, it follows a logical structure for an annotated references document, and it clearly and concisely annotates source material.

3. For the essay, it clearly and concisely analyzes source material, and it effectively creates a relationship between sources through effective use of comparison/contrast.


- Please make sure the two parts are in different documents.

- Please label the part of paper so it is easy to know which part is which.

Thank you so much,,,

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/09/2015 01:00 pm
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