Project #72876 - 1500 words essay on Digital Media




The use of digital media within organizations has transformed how organizations communicate with prospective and current customers. Digital media such as: web videos, e-books, and social media have each shaped the communication strategies organizations employ to engage customers.  In this assignment, you will locate examples of how the use of digital media was used to communicate information to achieve a specific goal. 

Deliverable for Project 1

Students are required to create a case study and provide an analysis, which integrates what you have learned in the course, in addition to performing additional outside research.  

So you are finding example (organization or individual) of how the use of digital media was used to communicate information to achieve a specific goal and you are doing a case study on it.  You are setting up the way is in the criteria below as well as ensuring you cover what is in criteria mentioned further below as well.  I will have an announcement with topics that can be used.

A sample case-study can be located at, which details Harley-Davison’s efforts to increase consumer awareness of products and increase sales through an SMS strategy. This specific scenario/case study cannot be used for this project.  do not copy the format of this case study as it is not set up APA style.



Formatting Requirements

Project must follow APA guidelines.

  • Double-spaced
  • 1 inch Margins
  • 12 point professional font
  • Headers and footers to follow APA
  • File name last name, first initial and project (ex. CSegura_Case Study)
  • Use of tables, graphs, images, etc. of appropriate size that are relevant to the information being conveyed is highly encouraged.

Content Requirements

  • Minimum of 1500 words, maximum 1750 words
    • Excluding cover and bibliographical pages
  • Title Page including

o   Project Name

o   Your Name

o   Instructor's Name

o   Course Name/Number

o   Paper Title

  • Case Study Requirements
    • Introduction and Synopsis of Article / Case
    • Goal of Organization or Individual
    • Strategy Employed to Accomplish Goal
    • Measurable Success Factors
    • Conclusion and Analysis of End Results of Initiative
  • Bibliographical/Reference Page
    • Minimum of 2 professional / scholarly sources. Sites like Wikipedia are not permitted. Ensure you have both full and in text references. Work that is not cited properly (having both full and in text references) may be returned to student to fix before it is graded.




Due Date:June 7, 2015


Late Penalty: This assignment will be accepted up to 5 days late. 10% will be deducted for each day late(24 hour period starting at due date deadline)For example, if you are one day late, your grade will be deducted 10%, leaving you with a 90% if there are no other deductions . If turned in 5 days late your grade will be deducted 50% leaving you with a starting grade of 50% if there are no other deductions.  After 06-12-2015 at 11:59 p.m., Friday,this assignment will not be accepted or graded. Your Assignments folder will be closed at this point as well and you will not be able to physically submit the assignment. 

Exceptions may be allowed, on a case-by-case basis, for life situations (military deployment, medical illness, death in the family, etc). In all cases, timely notification of a "life situation" is critical to the approval of any extensions. All exceptions must be accompanied by official documentation, which is subject to inspection and approval. Work load, course load, vacations, bad memory, or computer malfunctions are not acceptable excuses.

Running Close to the Deadline? Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your assignment. Give yourself at least a 5-hour window to account for any technical difficulties that might arise. If you experience technical difficulties beyond your control that do not allow you to successfully complete the assignment, immediately follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact LEO Help and Support. Inform them off the problem you are having. Get a problem ticket number from them to document the situation.
Step 2: E-mail me ASAP and include a description of the problem you are having and your problem ticket number from LEO Help and Support, so I can investigate the situation.
Step 3: Attempt to post your assignment in your LEO Workbook.
Step 4: E-mail the assignment to me. 

Grade Value
This project is worth 100 points or 20% of your total grade for the course.


Points Value

Your Score

Title Page



Case Study – Introduction & Synopsis of Article Case



Case Study – Goal of Organization or Individual



Case Study – Strategy Employed to Accomplish Goal



Case Study – Measurable Success Factors



Case Study – Conclusion & Analysis of End Results



Bibliographical Sources






Formatting Requirements



Length Requirements







All work must be your own and you are expected to complete the assignment(s) without assistance. As with all work, you should be sure it meets the UMUC Student Code of Conduct (


NOTE: You will be held responsible for posting your assignments correctly. Please save the file using the following protocol: File name first initial, last name and project (ex. CSegura_casestudy)

NOTE:   Do not edit in the submission area. If you need to make changes before due date then resubmit.






Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/04/2015 12:00 am
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