Project #72438 - Physics questions 2

PH2530: Module 4 Electromagnetism Exercise 4.1 Electromagnetism

Solve the following problems:

  1. Two identical charges, each -8.00 x 10-5 C, are separated by a distance of 25.0 cm. Find the electric force between them?

  2. What is the electric force exerted on a test charge of 3.86 x 10-5 C if it is placed in an electric field of magnitude 1.75 x 104 N/C?

  3. Find the resistance of 134 m of No. 20 copper wire at 20° C (ρ = 1.72 x 10-6 Ω cm,

    A = 2.07 x 10-2 cm2).

  4. What is the cost to operate a 100 W lamp continuously for one week when the power utility rate is 20 cents/kWh?

  5. A 1000 W microwave, a 40.0 W fluorescent light bulb, and a 550 W computer are plugged into a 120V parallel circuit.

    1. What is the current passing through each appliance in the parallel circuit?

    2. Find the resistance of each appliance.

  6. A magnetic field can deflect a beam of electrons, but it cannot work on the electrons to change their speed. Why?

  7. Find the magnetic field at 0.500 m from a long wire carrying a current of 7.5 A.

  8. An auto mechanic wants to use a solenoid she found on a car starter. If the solenoid is 0.150m in

    length and has 750 turns of wire, what amount of current is required to produce a magnetic field of

    1.50 x 10-3 T at its centre?

  9. Write a paragraph to describe how a generator functions to generate power. Use common

    electromagnetic physics terms, such as induction, coil, and current.

  10. Write a paragraph to describe the differences and similarities between a motor and a generator.

Submission Requirements:

Submit your answers in a Microsoft Word document.

Evaluation Criteria:

The Exercise assignment rubric will be used to evaluate this assignment. In addition, your submission will be evaluated against the following points:

ï‚· Did you show all your work to solve the problem? ï‚· Did you answer the question correctly?


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PH2530: Module 4 Electromagnetism Exercise 4.1 Electromagnetism

Did you attempt all the questions?
Did you attach your Microsoft Word document with your work and answers before submitting?

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Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/31/2015 10:00 pm
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