Project #72306 - 8 discussion Questions. **$100 Max Budget**

Answer the 8 Discussion Questions below.  


#1  Write a 200 word short answer response that addresses the following:

•What is an enterprise system and how can this design support testing processes?


#2  Write a 200 word short answer response that addresses the following:

•What advantages does commercial off-the-shelf software provide over custom software?


#3 Write a 200 word short answer response that addresses the following:

•What role do users have in the development phase and integration phase for information systems?


#4  Write a 200 word response to the article Shrinking Timelines (attached)


#5  Respond to Ed statement below say you agree or disagree and elaborate on your response.  


Chapter discusses using enterprise systems to manage an effective supply chain. Computers have changed the way supply chains are managed. In the old days this was done with large file cabinets and large amounts of punch cards. I have witnessed the evolution from punch cards to main frame system, and eventually to client server networks.  The modern networks we use now take advantage of the technologies available for integrative systems enabled different organization to operate more efficiently.

The text highlights the effect of a disruption in a supply and how it could affect perishables. They used the cut flower business as an example. With the sources for the products being global; there are many risks in this supply chain due the short shelf life of the products. The example illustrated how a short disruption in flights over Europe created millions of dollars of loss of perishable goods.


The supply network for many operations is spread across a large supplier base.  This illustrates that automated enterprise systems can better manage this complex supply chain. The text outlines the supply chain which includes procurement of raw materials and supplier furnished parts acquisition to warehousing and distribution of this material.


With a supplier network there can be some risk involved. This was illustrated in the Target Store breach. In this example hackers gained access to one of the subcontractors that had access to the Target network. This illustrates how allowing other organizations access to an organizations network must include auditing their security protocols to ensure access is monitored and enforced strictly with good authentication and encryption practices.


#6.  Respond to Ed’s answer to #4 say you agree or disagree and elaborate on your response.  


This article talks about the time lines for different development cycles including those in life sciences such as the pharmaceutical industry. These types of projects can take up to ten years to develop. For product with a high benefit longer timelines are accepted due the life changing aspects of the product. Many of these projects require clinical trials across a wide range of people.


Another example used in the article was the development of composite structures for 787 Dreamliner. This is a life critical area as safety of flight can be compromised by substandard parts. I have worked on the C-17 program for years and the initial contract called for concurrent engineering. This accelerated approach had many disciplines trying to support the product before it was fully defined. This led to many engineering changes that affected the entire organization creating extra work. Normally the design is finalized then it goes through extensive flight test before being ready for full scale production. In the environment we worked in it was not discover till the fourth aircraft was made that the wing did not pass the stress test. I was to with stand 150% of max load and failed at 149%. This led to a total redesign on the wing which was very expensive.


The article closes by highlighting that increased completion is forcing timelines to be shortened. The examples of methods pharmaceuticals are using to shorten the time may compromise the quality of the product s they develop. It also mentioned how Apple is able to repackage existing technologies faster for the consumer market.


#7  Respond to Eli’s answer to #1 say you agree or disagree and elaborate on your response.  


From the textbook, an enterprise system is an information system that crosses divisional or departmental boundaries within an organization.  This allows for the integration and sharing of business processes, functionality, and data across the entire enterprise.


The design of an enterprise system simplifies the overall support of an organization's testing processes by establishing a single, unified set of processes across the enterprise.  In an enterprise system an organization's business processes are implemented within a single system rather than duplication across many different system, that in effect reduces the overall cost and complex of verifying that the business  processes are implemented and performed correctly.   System integration efforts and testing is also simplified because the integrations are performed against the single enterprise system versus many individual systems.



#8.  Select a recent peer-reviewed article, no more than 1-year old, related to the weekly topic Testing in the Business/Operational Product Line or related to the questions above.



Perform a critical review of the article by providing a brief summary and assessment of the article and include a link to the article.  

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