Project #72245 - Political Science Questions

Hello, please answer the following questions using only the chapters I have provided and the articles. Please no outside sources, my professor will fail me. If you could answe all questions with 6-9 bullet points per question rather than in paragraph form, so i'm assuming 7 pages total, might be more or less. Thank you.


1. How have Middle Eastern and North African states suppressed associational rights?

2. How have leaders in MENA used economic policy and development to consolidate their hold on power?

3. How do different political regimes derive and sustain legitimacy?

4. What role do parties and legislature serve in non-democratic societies?

5. MENA has witnessed significant growth and development in its media sector in the past two decades. Does the media enhance transparency and accountability in the region? Why or why not?

6. How was the mandate system received across Middle Eastern states? Did countries respond similarly?

7. How do non-democratic MENA governments limit civil society?

8. Why do people vote in non-democracies?

9. Why do autocratic regimes promote dissimulation? How does dissimulation work?

10. Why are civil society organizations so weak in the Middle East?

11. How did the foreign policies of Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak differ?

12. What is the Kurdish question?

13. How has the military “protected” Turkish democracy?

14. Why did Islamist parties dominate the Egyptian elections following the 2011 revolution?

15. Discuss and analyze Nasser’s major foreign policies.

16. Why was Egypt expelled from the Arab League? How did it regain its regain admission?

17. Discuss and analyze the secularism-religion debate in Turkey.

18. How has the Turkish military “protected” democracy?

19. How has the rise of the AKP affected Turkish foreign policy?

20. According to Barnett, how has concept of sovereignty evolved between Arab states? Why?

21. How has the nationalism been used to stymie human rights?

22. How does oil impede democracy?



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