Project #72186 - General communication

There is 4 simple parts and only need short simple answers

Part 1


Please review these following seven communication goals


·         To be liked


·         To be believed


·         To excuse failure


·         To secure help


·         To hide faults


·         To be followed (in terms of leadership)


·         To confirm self-image


In your initial discussion post, choose four of the above goals, and explain three ideas for each one that could help an individual in reaching these goals. Consider using past personal experiences to illustrate your responses




Part 2




Be sure to use supporting material (personal examples, additional information) to fully respond to each question:


1.     Explain the statement, "Meanings are in people, not in words."


2.     How can meaning be influenced by the context in which it is sent? How does culture and gender influence meanings?


3.     Can a word be both denotative and connotative? What do these terms mean? Do you use more denotative language or connotative language?


4.     What are indirect messages? Why do people use them? Why don't people say what they really mean? Do you think you say what you really mean?


5.     What are some of the ways in which you can create a confirming communication climate?


6.     What is disconfirmation? Provide one example of each: racist, sexist, ageist, and heterosexist language.




Part 3


In Unit 2 we covered verbal messages. However, there are several different types of nonverbal behaviors to monitor as well. These include (but are not necessarily limited to):


·         Facial expressions


·         Gestures


·         Body language/posture


·         Haptics (touch)


·         Proxemics (space or distance)


Keeping these or other types of nonverbals in mind, think of a situation from your own experience in which you were interacting with someone and they sent you a verbal message that was inconsistent with the nonverbal message. When you have your example in mind, describe the following information in your initial post:


·         Describe the context of the situation.


·         Who was the other person?


·         What was the communication about?


·         What was the verbal message that they sent, and what nonverbals did they send that were inconsistent with the verbal message?


·         How did you interpret and react to this interaction?


·         What was the outcome of the situation?


·         Were your goals and their goals met?


Be sure to offer enough detail so that others can follow your example and respond accordingly.




Part 4


For this assignment, please answer the following questions. Write your answers in your own words. Your responses must be written in complete sentences.


1.     Name each of the six interpersonal relationship stages.


2.     Explain what happens in each stage (using your own words and ideas).


3.     Explain how your communication with a friend or partner changes in each of these stages




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Due By (Pacific Time) 05/30/2015 05:00 am
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