Project #72181 - ubuntu code

a - Log into your Ubuntu virtual machine


  b - Create a folder called : program9


  c - Move to your program2 folder


  d - Download into the program2 folder this file:


  e - Create a Linux Script file called


  f - Change the access rigths of for your *.sh file to rwx


      Using terminal mode ONLY, insert in your *.sh file the commands that will do the following:


  g - In the first line of your file *.sh file write: #!/bin/bash


  h - Using line COMMENTS write the command to download the file in question "d"


  i - Insert one empty line


  j - Using block comments add the following documentation to your *.sh file:


        Author    : Your Name 

        Course    : days and time

        Program # : 9

        Due Date  : MM/DD/YYYY





  k - Insert one empty line


  l - In the same directory where your *.sh file is located, write the name of the file downloaded in question "d",

      with all its atributes, into a new file called stats.doc


  m - Write the name of your *.sh file with all its atributes into the stats.doc file


  n - Display program two Starting


  o - Create a directory called data in your current directory


  p - Find out how many words, records, and bytes are in the hs_alt_HuRef_chr10.fa file

      writing that information into a new file called Counts.dna to be located inside the data folder.


  q   In the current directory write the first 5 lines of the Counts.dna file to a new file named newFile.prn


  r - Merge the following files: newFile.prn, Counts.dna, hs_alt_HuRef_chr10.fa

      into a new file called merged.dat in the data folder.


  s - Write all records in the hs_alt_HuRef_chr10.fa file that contain the word gact in a new file named gactAmts.dna

      in the current directory.


  t - Count the amount of substrings tt in the gactAmts.dna file, and merge the count into the merged.dat file


  u - Display the first 5 lines of the file merged.dat


  v - Display 2 empty lines


  w - Display the last 6 lines of the file merged.dat


  x - Display program two ended




Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/29/2015 06:00 pm
Report DMCA

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