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EN 204 Advanced Academic Writing

Spring 2015

Dr. Psilopoulos         


Research Paper Guidelines


Purpose and Theme


The second major assignment this semester is an Extended Research Paper (2,200 words min.).  You will research, draw conclusions, and argue your point logically and persuasively using solid evidence from your well-selected sources.


You will choose from a broad range of debatable topics related to the course theme, such as online learning vs. the traditional classroom, the liberal arts vs. professional education, the changing nature of college freshmen and how they learn, and the influence of the Internet (or technology such as iPads) on the way students learn.



Developing a topic

The following suggestions can prove really useful in your process of discovering what you want to write about.

  • Choose a topic you are genuinely interested in and eager to research. If you are not interested in what you are writing, your writing will not be interesting and your readers may be disappointed.
  • Consider choosing a topic related to your major field of study (e.g. economics, marketing, psychology etc).
  • Your paper should not be just a collection of facts or a simple summary of other writers’ ideas. The paper should present your own view on a controversial topic about the environment. It should have your own voice and demonstrate your understanding of the reading you will do while researching. As you research, consider the ideas of other writers with diverse perspectives on the topic so you can place your paper and your ideas within the ongoing discussion related to your topic.
  • To get started you need not only a topic but also a research question. As you begin exploring your topic you need to formulate a question that you will answer in your paper based on your research and thinking. Your topic and question should be narrow enough to be researched and written about in the time and space allotted. Too broad a topic often generates a superficial discussion of the issues. (Scott Foresman Ch. 43, 44)
  • If you have a general idea of what you would like to research but need to learn more about the subject in order to focus and narrow the project, it is crucial to do some preliminary research before you write your proposal; you need to examine if there is a controversial aspect to your topic and to know there is enough written on your topic to make it a feasible paper.

Ø  Encyclopedias (general and specialized) and general books on the topic will help you to begin some preliminary research.

Ø  Browse the library catalogue and check the tables of content, the index and the chapter subheadings of books for ideas about subtopics.

Ø  Browse the shelves near those books where you will discover other books related to your topic.

Ø  Browse themes you are considering in the library databases especially those thematically organised (SIRS, Gale Opposing Viewpoints).

Also remember:

a topic is developed not found.  So think about a research question.


Adapted from Cynthia Merrill’s Writing II R. P. Guidelines UCLA


EN 1212 Argumentative Research Paper Requirements


vApply appropriate documentation and format style

o   APA (ScottCh 51, Library Website>Research Help>Citing sources)

vLength: 2200 words min.

vWorks Cited: minimum 8-10 sources in English

o  discovered through the Research Assignments 1-5 at the college library and representing a variety of resources: namely, reference material, books, scientific and popular periodicals, web sources.  You may need to do additional research.

o  Strong emphasis on academic and sophisticated sources making a thoughtful discussion of the topic you are examining.

o  Sources in other languages may be used in addition to the minimum requirements.

vFinal research paper folder: The final research paper folder must consist of the revised research paper, i.e.,

  • one formal topic outline
  • one final revised draft (2200 words min.)
  • a Works Cited page (min. 8-10 sources in English)
  • annotated photocopies or print-outs of material from all sources used

The revised research paper must be accompanied by

  • at least two preliminary formal outlines
  • at least one rough draft
  • Research Assignments 1-5 (reflection paragraphs, annotated source printouts, bibliographies x4 [reference sources, circulating books, periodicals academic and popular from online databases, WWW sites]
  • a collected bibliography (min. 13 sources)
  • an annotated bibliography
  • and the Works Cited page of the rough draft
  • any other related material written during the research process (proposals, tentative theses and working bibliographies, etc).

here is the outline:


Online Education





                                I.            Counter argument:

-You do not attend university just for studying but also you will meet new friends and they will be able to help you in anything you want if they can.

-But sometimes these friends might let you down because maybe they don’t like you or your personality so this will affect your studying and the way you socialize.



                              II.            Cost efficient:

A-                 It doesn’t include parking fees

B-                  It doesn’t include dorm fees

C-                  You don’t need a car to go to university



                            III.            Time efficient:

A-     More time because you are only responsible for listening to the professor and not any other things, example students asking questions.

B-      More time because you don’t have to go by car and then be late because of an accident or traffic.



                            IV.            Easy:

A-                 You can repeat the lecture at any time you want because it is recorded and then you will not miss any single detail.

B-                  You will be able to stop the lecture and then continue to listen to it at any other time, if you left for an emergency reason.


                              V.            Conclusion:

Restate the thesis statement in other words.

List recommendations


If you have any other ideas you can add them

Best regards


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/23/2015 10:00 pm
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