Project #71008 - Software Engineering Project

Software Engineering Questions Project 1


System Analysis Design and Implementation

Required Text, Frank Tsui and Orlando Karam, Essentials of Software Engineering, 3nd Edition. Jones and Bartlett, 2013, ISBN: 9781449691998

 The ability to pull of this text in electronic format would be very helpful since I am unable to provide a complete copy of the book.I do have a 10 day free trial once awarded I will provide the log in information to this site. 

Please provide all reference used in APA format used.  NO Plagiarism please as project will be check before funds are released.



Q-1.   How do you define the principles of software engineering? Give examples that demonstrate good and poor execution of the principles. What are the two representation models in CMMI.   What do these two models assess?


a. What motivated software engineers to move from the waterfall model to the incremental or spiral model?


b. What are the major concepts that drove the Rational Unified Process framework?


c. What are the four phases of the Rational Unified Process?


d. List all of the key processes addressed by SEI's Software CMMI? Which ones are required for maturity level 2?


e. How many process areas, in total, are included in SEI's Software DMMI? List those that fall into the engineering category and the support category.




Q-2.  Discuss why it is important to document the requirements specified and list at least three reasons.


2a. List and describe three items that you will need to consider when prioritizing requirements.


2b. What is the viewpoint-oriented requirements definition method used for?


2c. Consider the situation where you have the following four requirements for an employee information systems: Perform an analytical hierarchy process and rank these based on your choices

  • Response time for short queries must be less then 1 second.
  • in Defining employee record, user must be able to enter employee name and be prompted for all the remaining employee attributes that are needed for the employee's last name.
  • Employee information may be searched using either the employee number or employee's last name.
  • Only an authorized search 9by the employee, by managers in his or her chain of command, or human resource department personnel) will show employee salary, benefits, and family information.


2e. Explain in an ER diagram the relationship between programmers and modules where a programmer may write several modules and each module may also be written by several programmers.


2f. What are the four types of requirements traceability?


Q-3-1. Answer the following questions. Provide details in your answers.

3a. What are the major steps in the software development cycle?


3b. What are the strategies to deal with the complexities in building a system?


3c. What are the major success factors and failure factors in software projects?             Describe at least 3 factors for each.


3d. What are the major activities for requirements engineering? List the activities and describe at least 3 activities in details.


3e. What are the features of use case diagrams? How can the use case diagrams be used?


2. You will be managing the development and implementation of a new software program for a doctor’s office which will allow for the maintenance of patient records. You are going to start with a use-case diagram for the patient intake aspect of the project.

Develop a use-case diagram for patient check-in, etc as shown in the assignment area.

  • Think about documents you have filled out and the questions you were asked by the nurse/intake personnel when you have visited a doctor.
  • Use Figure 7.15 (page 147) and the information found on pages 146-147 of the textbook to aid in this assignment.



Q-5. Using  Shneiderman and Plaisant’s (2005) eight rules of interface design (page 181-Chapter 8) develop a new patient intake GUI screen. Utilize either the graphics tools in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Visio to create this rough draft design.

            The following screens will be needed in the design:

  • Patient Intake
  • New Patients
  • Existing Patients
  • Initial evaluation
  • Doctor(s) Evaluation
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy

Add additional screens as your requirements analysis suggests.



Q-6.  In this exercise you have been contacted by the project manager to develop an implementation PowerPoint presentation for the clinic’s management staff.


  • The manager does not want the presentation to be “too technical’.
  • “They must have a general understanding how their system will be put into production,” she explained.
  • Create the presentation.
  • minimum of 20 slides will be needed. Include a reference slide with at least 3 academic references.  



Q-7.  The project manager has called you 2:00 AM to ask you, “Has anyone on your team tested this thing? We don’t want a massive failure when we go live!” Write the plan using a minimum of 3 pages, double spaced. Use at least 3 academic references.

  • Develop a testing plan for the project team to test the new software package.
  • The plan should include the four levels of software testing. Answer what are the major tasks in developing and supporting a software system?



Q-8. Software Support and Maintenance.  Write a paper of at least 5 pages (excluding the title page and reference page). Use at least 5 academic references. Answer the following questions in this paper in detail. Use APA format

·   Develop a software support and maintenance plan in a paper for the new software package.

·   This document should be used for your help desk personnel to manage any potential problems the end-users may have with the new software.

·   Also plan on prioritizing the calls and logging procedures to keep track of what modules the end-users are having problems with.

·   This information is critical to the design staff in developing either software patches and/or the new version of the software package.



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