Project #7070 - Use Case Diagram pt1


3-5 pages


·         Section 1: Use Case Diagram


Project Selection:


The first step is to select an organization for your object-oriented design (JC Bakery and Supplies is my selection).


Select an enterprise




For the assignments in this course, you will be developing an object-oriented design document. Your first task will be to select an enterprise to use as a basis for the project. The object-oriented design that you create will be for an ordering system for your chosen company. Following are the scope and assumptions for this design:


·         The project will support ordering and payment processing.


·         Payments can be by credit card only.


·         Assume that the customers already exist.


·         Other business functions are out of scope (for example, calendaring, customer management, delivery, etc.).


This project deliverables are the following:


·         Create the deliverables described in the New Content section below for Project Description and Use Case Model.


·         New Content


o    Project Description


o    Brief description of the enterprise (can be hypothetical)


o    Description of the ordering system to be designed


o    Use Case Diagram and Narratives (3–5 pages)


o    Prepare a use case diagram and accompanying narratives that reflect an understanding of what the system will do.


§  This will require you to identify all of the actors in the system, including other systems.


o    Identify the use cases including all relationships.


o    Note that only existing customers are within scope. Also note that orders are not updateable.


o    There must be at least 2 employee types represented, such as a manager, owner, or clerk.


o    The following use cases should be identified on the diagram:


§  Create an order and payment entry


§  Update a payment entry


§  View an order and payment entry


§  Delete an order and payment entry


  • Prepare a use case narrative for each use case using the following template:






·          Use Case: NAME


·         Section: Main


·         Actors


·         Purpose


·         Overview


·         Typical Course of Events


·         System Response


·         Section: USE CASE NAME


·         Typical Course of Events


·         System Response


·         Alternative Courses


·         System Response


Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 06/01/2013 08:00 am
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