Project #70323 - scenario paper

Management Principles – Final Assignment



Respond to the following scenario:


You have just been hired to manage a retail store located in a small shopping center on the outskirts of a large city.  The store sells low end household, hardware and convenience items (think Family Dollar).  Previously, the store was privately owned and had been respected in the neighborhood by its loyal customers for 25 years.  Six months ago it was acquired by a large national retailer.


In the past the store was open Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 7 PM, and Sunday from 12 - 6 PM.  As a national retailer the hours have been extended to be open every day from 8 AM to 10 PM. The store currently has twenty employees, but should have 25 to cover all the shifts.  Ten of the current employees have been with the store for several years, some as long as 15 years, and their average age is 45.  None of the other ten employees has been with the store more than 6 months, and most are high school or college students.


Sales at this location are below the expectations of the parent company, and although you are pleased to have landed your first managerial position, you are concerned that at some point the parent company may decide to close your location.   Reflecting on what you learned in your favorite college class, Management Principles, answer the following:


·      What are the most significant challenges facing you as manager of this store?


·      What steps would you take during the first 90 days as manager to address these challenges?


·      What will be your management style - how will you lead, motivate, communicate, establish a team, etc?


Expectations for the assignment:


·      This is your opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and to apply that knowledge in a practical situation.


·      While there is no required length, to answer the questions fully, with supporting detail, would involve at a minimum 5 pages.


·      Specificity and detail are important – don’t just say you’d motivate by giving more pay – explain why, what is your reasoning, how does it relate to course material?


·      In addition to narrative writing, feel free to use graphs, bullet points, etc if that better illustrates your points.


·      Refer to the following grading rubric.  Also, feel free to ask questions as you proceed.






Fails to meet

Meets some

Meets all


Identifies challenges



Limited discussion; fails to identify major challenges

Identifies one or two challenges; some discussion

Identifies several challenges; general discussion

Identifies a number of challenges; through discussion including priorities

Offers solutions and plans



General discussion without particulars

Discusses some ideas in general; few details

Evidence of planning; offer

some details

Strong evidence of planning and logical implementation; many supporting details

Evidence of management style




One or two ideas discussed

Has sense of management style

Strong sense of management style – evidence of consideration of alternatives


Relation to and application of class materials – management theories, concepts and practices


Scant discussion

Some discussion of relation and application

Relates and applies  to several theories, concepts or practices

Relates and applies ideas in most management categories

Independent thought



No evidence

Relies heavily on textbook solutions

Some evidence of independent ideas

Strong evidence of independent thinking.




Poor organization, difficulty in understanding writing.  Numerous or repetitive errors, grammar, spelling and typing.

Some problems with organization and writing.  Contains several errors in grammar, spelling and typing.

Organized, good writing.  Limited errors  in grammar, spelling and typing

Well organized, clear writing.  Mostly error free in grammar, spelling and typing



Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/11/2015 12:00 am
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