Project #69877 - Article Review # 2

Article Review Format
Please read and follow these instructions carefully


Place the following title information in 10 point bold fontand single spacedin the upper left-hand corner of the front page of your Article Review in proper APA citation format:




Class and Section Number

“Title of Article”

Periodical Used/Date of issue

Page numbers


There are three parts to the body of your Article Review: Summary, Tie-in, and Critique. These are 12 point font, double spaced, 1” margins.


I.      Summary

In your own words, summarize the main points of the article. If you quote directly from the article be sure to use quotation marks and note the pages in parentheses, e.g., (34 – 35). Minimum requirement is one-half page.                                             


II.    Critique

Discuss the Pro/Cons of the article’s main points. Do you agree or disagree with the author----and more importantly, why do you agree or disagree? This section of your report is the most difficult to write.  The important material for this section is how you justify your position.  That means using material from lecture, text, etc., to backup up your position and is not strictly your personal opinion.   Minimum requirement is one full page.                       


III.   Tie-in:

Where and how do the points discussed in the article tie-in or relate to the ideas and concepts discussed in our textbook?  You may additionally tie-in the article to your career plans. Carefully consider the tie-in connection when you are selecting your article. Be specific and cite the text chapters and key phrases (use bold print) you reference.  Discuss fully. Minimum requirement is one full page.                           

example:  … relates to our text(Ch. 5; Hostile Takeovers) …


Grading Criteria

Proper Formatting = 25%

Summary = 15%

Critique = 30%                  

Tie-in = 30%


As you write your report, keep these additional points in mind:



·      Use Roman numerals and the title to identify each section.  Have spaces between sections.

I.        Summary

II.      Critique

III.    Tie-in  

·      Do not use a binder, folder or cover sheet.  Please place a staple in the upper-left corner of the paper.

·      Reviews must be typed (Name-Title = size 10 font, Body size =12 font with 1” margins) double-spaced with paragraphs indented 5 spaces.

·      Articles will be graded based on your ability to think clearly, analytically, concisely and coherently. In addition, your report must be grammatically correct and reflect a professional, neat appearance. Write and submit this report as if you were presenting it to your employer.

·      Late reports will be penalized according to the instructor’s policy- if accepted at all.

·      Articles must be from professional business or trade journals or newspapers such as those listed below. If the periodical you are considering is not among those listed, it simply means we do not consider the periodical an acceptable resource.  The emphasis here is placed on business periodicals and not on general news sources such as the local newspaper.  As a student of business, you should become familiar with such business sources of information.

·      Articles should be current---not over 12 months old. (if older, please consult with your instructor first)  Do NOT use the Colorado Springs Gazette or any other general news periodical for this report.  The goal here is to have you become accustomed to business periodicals. You are required by your instructor to submit a copy of the article with your report.

·       Each Article Review you submit will have a different emphasis. This second report will emphasize a national business issue (specific to the U. S. as a nation).

·       Check the Course Schedule for all due dates.


Suggested list of Professional Business Journal/Newspapers


ü  Advertising Age

ü  Business Week

ü  Colorado Springs Business Journal

ü  Entrepreneur

ü  Forbes

ü  Fortune         

ü  Harvard Business Review

ü  Inc. Magazine

ü  Wall Street Journal

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/10/2015 10:59 pm
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