Project #69772 - media film production evaulation


Evaluate your group project, and your role-specific contribution to it. Back up your observations with reference to readings and other films.

 (2000 words)

Begin with a general introduction about the film.


This question is then asking you to tell us:

·         What your job was (jobs were)

·         What research you carried out to complete that job well (readings, viewings, practical work) – ie. what influenced and inspired you and why?

·         Where we can see the evidence of that research/your ideas in the film through the way it has been produced.

·         Where it worked and why and where it did not and why


If your ideas/plans were not included in the film then you can instead describe what does appear in the film, and tell us where you think the aspects that relate to your role should have been handled differently and if so, how and why.


This process above requires you to illustrate your points in detail, through description of the scenes involved, and to refer to secondary sources where possible/relevant.


End by summarising your conclusions.




Evaluate your group project, and make specific suggestions for improving it, choosing two or more of the following categories: direction; camerawork; sound & music; editing.


Begin with a general introduction about the film, and tell us what the film was.


This question is then asking you to critically evaluate the film, and to suggest ways of improving it, based on research and reference to secondary sources. This question will be more appropriate for those whose contribution to the actual production was limited.


Neither of these are the place for a production diary. Although you are asked to refer to what you did, you should only do this in a way that helps us understand how the film works or does not work.


It is important to list and explain the strengths of your films, but even more important to engage critically with it’s weaknesses.


Assessment criteria:

  • Evidence of engagement with the module’s and other readings,
  • Evidence of engagement with other visual texts (films etc.) in order to critique your own production
  • Precision and clarity of the content provided
  • Relevance and precision of the evidence and example provided

o   Proofreading for grammar and spelling


  • Correctly formatted: 12- point type, and double-spaced
  • Bibliography in alphabetical order

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Due By (Pacific Time) 05/08/2015 12:00 am
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