Project #69647 - Website Critique

This is a website critique that I really have no time to complete. Below, I have included the 3 main parts that need to include the Pros and Cons. It does not have to have all that is listed below, but I would like it to have the majority that is listed under each of the main criteria.THIS NEEDS TO BE 3 PAGES. YOU MAY PICK ANY GOVERNMENT AFFILIATED WEBSITE. PLEASE DO NOT PICK THE SAME WEBSITE AS THE EXAMPLE THAT I HAVE ATTACHED.

Also, I have attached the sample that my professor has given me to give you a look at what it needs to look like. I would like this to be done in your own words and a different website.

Website Evaluation Criteria


-Prepared in HTML (for text, tables and frames) and GIF -(graphics) formats
-Parts should not take too long to load
-Usually possible to reach site
-URL for site remains stable; if changed, is hot-linked to new URL


-Use should be intuitive
-Large or complex pages, typically those larger than 10 screens, should be divided into multiple, smaller files
-Images should not be used for pure decoration, but should help convey information
-Avoid using client-specific markup so as to be usable by all major clients
-Every page should have a short, informative, descriptive title
-Documents divided into multiple pages should include document title and publication date at top of each page
-Pages should have standard footers, including
* date of last update
* email address or link to email form which can be used to contact a responsible partyregarding the content of a page
* link to appropriate home page
-Individual web pages within site are concise
-Essential instructions appear before links and interactive portions
-If interactions involve private information, they are secure
-Documents should be designed to minimize users' reliance on navigational aids (e.g., back and forward buttons, history lists)


-Related to function and mission of organization
-Scope and limits clearly stated
-Headings are clear and descriptive
-No use of jargon
-Pages organized by needs of user
-Content and links suitable to expected audience
-Content kept current; out-of-date information --removed/updated promptly
-Program/project home pages should be linked to sponsoring organization's home page
-Care should be taken when linking to sites to ascertain that they do not link to questionable sites
-Dead links should be removed or changed promptly
-Origin of content documented, verifiable, accurate
-Pages should be checked and links verified before made publicly

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/04/2015 12:00 am
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