Project #69583 - 13 pages in total for 3 essays (history, eng, psych)

Essay Question:


 As you analyze this statement, what contrasts and comparisons can you pull from it, and how can you relate your findings to some of the historical elements and lessons you have learned this last semester. Be specific, and use your article summaries to locate some of the theses, analyses, and some of the quotations you took out of the articles assigned to you.


 Structured societies rely on people knowing how to survive, and also how to survive with others. During our semester together, we have talked a lot about law and order and the good and bad changes concerning law from the beginning of civilization itself. When we live "within the law", we share in the "common good" which helps everyone, and provides for a better world to grow and live in. In other words, we are supposed to come together and advance as a species based on the laws of the societies we live in, which might benefit some, but sometimes not others. We have also learned that if law totally breaks down, then society is worse off than it was before. We surely can see this beginning in Greece and then in the Roman Empire, as enormous achievements were gained and lost which continue to affect Western Civilization today. Discuss the major achievements and losses of the Greek, Roman, and Muslim Empires which continue to the present day. Include in your thesis what you think the role of government should be, religion, and the invention of law, and how they affect societies. Also state how you think government and the laws it generates, can advance the concept of the "common good".


*Essays must be at least 1250 words (around 5 pages), double spaced, with a Times New Roman 12pt black font.





You are being asked to study at least four different stories of victims of child abuse and write a report regarding the causes and effects of this social problem. Also, find two articles that suggest ways to help prevent such crimes from being committed, like intervention programs and laws that deal with child abusers.

Paper must be a minimum of 4 pages of writing, typed double-spaced in Times New Roman with a seperate cover page and bibliography at the nd.

Research must be based on scholarly journals, articles, periodicals, online databases, interviews, newspapers, magazines, books etc.

Must use data from minimum of 4 different sources

Must incoprate at least one quote and one paraphrase from each source

Must cite the sources using MLA in-text citation and a works cited page

All original sources must be turned in highlighting the quotes used

Questions that could guide you for your research are:

What is your opinion on the line drawn between discipline and abuse?

What are the short-term effects of child abuse? Long-term effects?

What do you consider suitable punishment for the abuser?

What form of abuse is considered the worst? Physical? Emotional? Verbal. etc. Why is it considered the worst?

What are subtle signs of abuse? Obvious signs of physical, emotional, and other types of abuse?

What are some treatments for the abused?






You will write a 4-5 page paper analyzing Adolescent Psychology and what the topics have taught you if you were to raise a child through their adolescence.  Whether you have kids or not, want children or do not, you should imagine yourself as a parent dealing with a child going through their adolescence.  You will find yourself many times using experiences from your own adolescence in your discussion board assignments, but in this one you should imagine yourself as the adult dealing with the challenges a young adult faces.  This assignment should be double spaced, Time New Roman font, 1 inch margins, with a Title page and reference page (which do not count towards the 4-5 page requirement).




Grading for the assignment will be as follows:


 50% will be given for discussing challenges a young adult will face growing up and the things you can do from a parental standpoint to encourage their proper development (be sure to stay in the mindset of the adult in this assignment, you should not be "living their life for them").  Focus on the challenges the young adult will face and also the challenges a parent will face while having an adolescent deal with them.  Students should discuss at least five different chapters covered in the course to properly complete this section.


 25% will be given for a discussion on what from this class will have changed by the time your child reaches adolescence (will any of the things we discussed change in the next 10-15 years?).  How will you adapt to these changes, what will you be looking for, etc..


 25% will be given for format.  This is basically free to you, as long as you submit a paper that is on time, 4-5 pages (and the other details listed above), APA format, proper citations, minimal spelling/grammar errors, etc..


 *Note, at least three references are required to successfully complete this assignment.


 Be sure to discuss; love, friends & peers, school, puberty,


and family in this paper.


That is all!!!! Please have these assignments done by May 3rd, feel free to ask any concerning questions, thank you!


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