Project #69173 - Portfolio


Your portfolios purpose is to convince your reader that the writing it contains provides evidence of what you have learned in this class. You should therefore explain to your readers how evidence from your writings demonstrates that you have achieved course objectives for Writing 102.

These are the Course Objectives from our syllabus:

      Define rhetorical situation, audience, purpose, stance, genre, discourse community, meta-cognition, ethos, logos, pathos, revision, and editing.

Writing Process Knowledge

      Use common writing practices (e.g., prewriting, drafting, revising, editing) and adapt them to the rhetorical situation

      Use the generative power of writing to increase comprehension and develop ideas

      Solicit reader feedback to improve written work

Rhetorical Knowledge

      Apply rhetorical concepts--e.g., audience, purpose, stance, ethos, logos, pathos--to writing and reading situations

Genre Knowledge

      With support, recognize or infer characteristics of genre (i.e., rhetorical purpose, typical content, structural features, linguistic features)

      Employ genre features as appropriate in response to a given rhetorical situation

Discourse Community Knowledge

      Articulate connections between a discourse community’s goals, its typical rhetorical situations, its genres and writing processes, and its expectations for “good” or effective writing

      Contribute to ongoing written conversations by engaging the ideas and texts of others


      Engage in ongoing, critical self-assessment of writing processes and products

The first steps in producing a portfolio entail making choices:

1.    Choosing which course objectives on which to focus your portfolio. What selection of objectives

Will best represent the course objectives as a whole?

Will match what your writings show you have learned?

2.    Choosing which of your writings give evidence that you have learned the knowledge and skill those objectives outline. 


Your portfolio should include a selection of your writings from our class. In addition to polished drafts, these writings may include notes, freewriting, outlines, idea maps, and rough drafts; they may also include comments you have received from others. They should all serve as evidence for how you have learned how to do the things listed above.  

Most importantly, your portfolio must begin with a new essay that explains how the evidence in your portfolio selections shows that you have achieved the goals for this course.

As a reader of that essay, I will look for how effectively you achieve your purpose by doing the following:

   Introduce your essay by including

   a title

   an engaging opening

   a thesis statement that conveys the main point that you want to make about your writing

   an overview of the writings in your portfolio that briefly summarizes each

   Organize your essay in an effective order (for example, chronologically, by genre, in terms of the writing process, etc.).

   Begin each supporting paragraph with a topic sentence that makes a point about something you have learned about reading and writing

   support that point with evidence from the other writings in your portfolio

   clearly explain how that evidence supports the paragraphs topic sentence

   Conclude your essay by summarizing your main points in an insightful way.

   Write sentences that are clear and grammatical.

Your portfolio essay should be 3-4 pages long.

* The essay should be double-spaced

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/08/2015 12:00 am
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