Project #68718 - Primary Sources Analysis

I already chose the Primary sources and PPT is the Secondary sources 

Instructions: You will have to complete two 3 pp.-long primary source analysis papers. You may use any of the primary sources provided in the designated TED Blackboard folder, along with any relevant secondary sources from our course syllabus. You are not required to look for or use outside sources that are not on assigned in our class syllabus or available or that are not posted on our TED Blackboard.

How many sources?: Choose one 'ile from the primary source folder on our TED Blackboard page and write about it. Some 'iles contain one long primary source. Others contain multiple shorter primary sources. You don’t have a lot of room with the 3pp. limit so it is not necessary or recommended to choose more than one 'ile.

What about secondary sources? In addition to choosing your primary source PDF 'ile from TED, you should use/cite at least one secondary source from the reading list to enhance or validate your argument.

THESIS: Using your chosen primary source(s) and the supporting secondary source, you will craft an essay with a clearly stated thesis at the beginning in which you make a claim about how that primary source enriches our understanding of the unit topic related to it (for a list of unit topics, see below).

Grading Criteria: You are not required to make a groundbreaking revelation about the past using your chosen source(s), but your claim should avoid merely stating simple and obvious observations. When you read your chosen source(s), look for a theme that stands out. Focus on how that theme reveals something interesting and signi'icant about Chican@ history. Next, attempt to turn those observations on that theme into an thesis argument that doesn’t just describe something really simple and self-evident. It’s especially important that you minimize using paragraphs that merely summarize the source’s content. Instead, maximize the use of sentences and paragraphs that convey whatever claim you are making about what your chosen source(s) reveal.

Checklist: Just to recap, make sure that:

  1. your paper has a clear thesis/argument in its introduction

  2. that your paper is at least 3 pages in length

  3. that it makes good use of the primary source(s) in the PDF 'ile you chose to write about

  4. that it uses/cites at least one secondary source form the unit readings related to the

chosen source.

Things to look for: As you work on turning your observations into a historical argument (thesis),you should attempt to take into account the following:

  • Purpose:whatis/aretheprimarysource(s)thatyouarewritingaboutfor?Whywasit written? What is at stake in the act of writing it?

  • Argument:Doesthesourcehaveathesis(argument)?Ifso,whatisit?Howdoesthetext make its case? Are there less obvious messages or implications that can be derived from the content of the source and the way that it is written in?

  • Authorship:whatdoyouknowaboutthepersonwhowrotethesource?Iftheauthoris unknown, what about the institution or publication that wrote it (e.g., the newspaper’s history and editorial stance if it’s that kind of source)? What do those historical facts about the author of the source tell us about its viewpoint?

  • IntendedAudience:whatcanyoulogicallyassumetobetheintendedaudienceofthe source or sources? How may that in'luence its rhetorical strategy?

  • Context:whathistoricalcontextwasthesourcewrittenin?Howdoesthatcontext in'luence its content?

  • Reliability:Howusefulis/arethis/thesesource(s)inrevealingwhatmayhave happened in the context that they were written? Are there things this/these source(s) exclude, ignore, downplay?

  • Patterns:ifyouarewritingaboutmultiplesourcesrelatedtothesametopic,what patterns of ideas or messages can you observe in them that tell us something about dominant ideologies of the time those sources were written in?

    Formatting: Make sure your document is double spaced, with 12pt. Times or Times New Roman Font, and with 1” top/bottom and left/right margins. Also, don’t forget to: a) cite, b) add a Works Cited page at the end, and c) title your paper.

    Late Work Policy: Late submission of assignments will be accepted only in veri'iable emergencies, and only by arrangement with me prior to 2:00 p.m. on the due date. Assignments turned in late without prior approval will be graded down 3 percentage points for each 24-hour period past the due date (no exceptions).

    Advisory about academic honesty: Please make sure you uphold the rules of academic honesty by giving credit where credit is due when using the words or ideas of others to make a point in your paper. In other words: make sure you cite properly using either MLA or Chicago (i.e., Tarubian) citation styles. Regardless of which one of these you choose, the most important thing is that you pick one and use it consistently throughout your paper. Remember that you will be submitting your paper through (an internet based, plagiarism detection service).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not asking you to answer all of these questions bullet point by bullet point!!! Instead, these questions are intended to provoke you to make observations that you can then develop onto a historical argument. In other words, your paper should be written in essay-form prose.


List of Thematic Units (for more info., consult the class syllabus)

Unit I.

Origins of the Chicano Imagi(Nation)

Session 1A-1C (3/30-4/3)

Unit II.

From Colonial Subjects to Immigrant Others: Land, Labor, and the Political Economy of the Conquered Southwest

Session 2A-2C (4/6-4/10)

Unit III.

The Mexican Revolution and Creation of the Border Patrol

Session 3A-3C (4/13-4/17)

Unit IV.

“Respectable” Middle Class Ethnic Politics versus Poor and Working Class Sub-Cultural Rebellions

Session 4A-4C (4/20-4/24)

Unit V.

1920s-50s –Organizing Chican@ Laborers

Session 5A-5C (4/27-5/1)

Unit VI.

Chican@s and WWII & Cold War

Session 6B-6C (5/6-5/8)

Unit VII.


Session 7A-7B (5/1-5/13)

Unit VIII.

A Movimiento of Many Movements

Session 7C-9C (5/15-5/29)

Subject History
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/30/2015 12:00 am
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