Project #67298 - Leadership Profile-Daniel "Danny" Meyer


select and analyze a hospitality or tourism industry leader (Daniel "Danny" Meyer). This leader can be at any level of their respective organization (Supervisor through CEO) and in any segment of the hospitality and tourism industry. If you prefer, you can even select a leader in your current or past organization.


Part 1: Provide, at a minimum, detailed information related to the following:


A.       Property and/or Company Overview (5 points): Tell me about the organization that this person is a leader in or leads overall.

a.       Segment (lodging, food service, meeting & events, airlines, cruise, etc.)

b.      Competitors

c.       History of the organization

d.      Describe the organization’s approach to their employees (service culture, mission, etc.)

B.       Leader Background (5 points): How did the leader get to where they are today?

a.       Current role with organization

b.      Career Path

c.       Education

d.      Personal view of their own leadership (creation, strengths/weaknesses, etc.)

C.       Description of how one, or multiple, leadership theories/models discussed in class apply to your leader in their current role (8 points)

D.       Critique of the leaders leadership style (7 points): What is good and bad about the leader?

a.       What aspect of their leadership style did you like and what would you improve

b.      Is their leadership style effective?

                                                  i.      If yes, why

                                                ii.      If not, why not


Note:  You’re encouraged to include additional information you feel is relevant.


There is no page limit for Part 1, but the content should be 12-pt font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. You can include tables, figures, or images, if you feel it adds to the readability of the paper. 

Part II : One of the class goals has been for you to learn more about your own leadership style and reflect on it. For Part II of this assignment, shift your focus away from the leader in Part I and put the spotlight on yourself. Think about, and then create your personal leadership philosophy statement. Some questions you may want to consider when creating this statement could include, but are not limited to, the following:


1.      What type of leader am I?

2.      What knowledge, skills, and abilities do I possess?

3.      What leadership attributes make me unique compared to other leaders in hospitality?

4.      How has my leadership changed over the course of my life and what events facilitated these changes?

5.      What aspects of my leadership are most important and what would I like to change?



In total, this statement of your personal leadership philosophy should be at least 300 words.  There should be a separate leadership philosophy for each student in the group. It’s highly likely that each person in the group will have a different leadership philosophy, and that’s okay! This is also a great interview question when you’re applying for a job, so taking the time to think about this now should be of value. 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 04/21/2015 12:00 am
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