Project #67076 - Marijuana should be legalize

This essay should be argumentative about legalizing Marijuana in the US.


-Your purpose is to convince your readers to see and understand your argument.

-Your audience is people who are familiar with and/or concerned about the argument.

You should use four sources to support points you make in your argument. Remember that some of these sources should provide evidence of what “They Say.”

You should use the They Say / I Saystructure, giving your readers an account of what “They Say”so that they will understand the conversation you are participating in.

Your argument should appeal to at least one of the following: logos, pathos and/or ethos.


When I read your essay, I will look for how effectively you achieve your purpose by doing the following:

1.    Beginning in a way that

  gives readers background about the arguments you are responding to. You may choose to focus on their larger context, importance, the controversy surrounding them.

   leads to your statement of your thesis.

2. Providing what “They Say”: what the larger conversation is about and views that specifically oppose yours. This enhances your credibility and appeals to ethos.

3. Providing paragraphs that present your argument by each

   beginning with a main point.

  illustrating that point with specific evidence from one of your sources..

   explaining how that evidence leads to the point you make in your topic sentence..

4. Conclude your essay by

   summing up the arguments you have made.

   adding something new for your readers to consider. 

5. Write sentences that are clear and grammatical.


it should be double-spaced.

Also, it should be 3-4 pages.

anduse 4 sources.


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/22/2015 02:00 pm
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