Project #66809 - Dentistry GUI

 OOP2 lab work   2015

The following describes the GUI for a dental surgery.  It is probably functional but your job is to add to it and improve it (fill in the missing bits). You may choose to separate this into several frames.  How you design your GUI is up to you but it must fulfil the requirements.



Patient management Section  (Top Part of GUI above)

The top part of the menu allows you to do the following:

·         Add a patient to the system { ID, name,  address,  phone number}

·         Remove a patient from the system

·         Display all Patients general details

·         Save all the information to a file or files. and then Quit   

·         Quit the system without saving.


Procedure Management Section  (Middle Part of GUI above – saved Procedures not included )

This section controls the patient’s procedures and what treatments they receive etc.

Firstly all procedures details and their prices should be saved in the system.  The user should be allowed to add, edit and delete procedures from this list which can be saved to a file.  This is usually known as the maintenance section of the system.  Therefore each time you run the program this information can be loaded into a dropdown box for selection by the user.  This helps with maintenance and avoids user input errors.

Next you will need to:

·         Add procedures that the patients have had.  This requires you to select your patient from the patient’s list and select the procedure/procedures that the patients have received.  The date should also be saved.

·         Delete a procedure that has been entered incorrectly into a patient’s record.

·         List all procedures for a patient.  You can select a patient from your list or you could use a text box to input his ID/Name etc. This list should include the price of each procedure, the total cost, the amount paid and finally report the total amount owed (no calculations are stored in the system)// as an instance variable.



Eg.     1:         Patient  Mc Gowen

 Root canal                          500        

 Polishing                               50

 Filling canines   150

                                Orthodontic work            600

Total                                   1300         

Paid                                       500                        

Amount owed                   700



Payment Management Section (Bottom Part of GUI above)

Each patient has an PaymentList. A payment has an amount and a date.

Note:  there is a list of patients and each patient has a

·         list of procedures

·         and a list of payments.

Reports Section (Not entered in the GUI above)

Create two reports:

1.       Generate a report on all patients sorted by name showing all information in the system (Patients, procedures and payments).

2.       Generate a report on patients who owe money but have not made a payment in 6 months sorted on the amount of money owed.



Main Application:    This will maintain a List of Patients.

Patient class:              Has a collection of procedures (associated with this patient) and a collection of

                                         payments (associated with this patient).

Procedure class:        Stores details of a procedure and its cost

Payment class:           Stores details of a payment that a patient made on a particular date.


 A date is also recorded with the payment so the GUI above will have to be altered to reflect this.

Section A

Step 1: Get the classes written without any GUI and test them.                                                Week 2                10%


Step 2:  Implement the GUI part leaving out for the moment the Save option.

              Get the GUI working first and add the functionality later.                                               

              Add the general functionality.                                                                                      Week 5                25%


Step 3:  Save each procedure to a file and ensure it loads into the dropdown

at runtime.                                                                                                                         Week5.5                 5%


Step 4: Add the save and load options. Save all data to a file and load all from this

file at start-up.  Do this 2 different ways :

·      Save the entire patientlist object

·      To a text file with a textual representation of the information in

the system. Or use JAXB and save as XML.

                                                                                                                                                Week 6                10%


Step 5: Add Exception Handling to the project.                                                                  Week 7                10%


Step 6:  Generate the report (add a new button/ Menu) as listed above.

                                                                                                                                                Week 9                20% 


Make a copy of your system.  Hand in Section A for marking.


Section B

Step 7:  Using the copy version of your system edit it (Arraylist and files are no longer needed) so that instead of storing the information in a file you store it in a database. Remember to normalise your data. Any DBMS can be used.                                     

Week 12              20%


Hand in Section B for marking.

A demonstration of the program in the lab session is required by each individual after each specific step or at the end of each section.


DBMS: Database Management System

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/16/2015 11:59 pm
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