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This is a paper for composition II. It is a proposal assignment. I choose animal trapping for my topic. I am against inhumane trapping techniques. I need to write a  Ill attach some more information after I submit. Below is the assignment information.

Proposing a Solution

Definition:  Write an essay proposing a solution to a problem.  Choose a problem faced by a community or group to which you belong, and address your proposal to one or more members of the group or to outsiders who might help solve the problem.

            Using the research you have done for your annotated bibliography, you will craft a proposal paper, most commonly referred to as a problem-solution paper.  This paper will adequately present the problem you’ve been researching to your readers/audience.  The paper will include background information about the topic, if necessary, to help the reader understand the nature of the problem.  The paper’s main focus will be to present the possible solution(s) to the problem along with any arguments against the solutions and your rebuttals for the solution.



  • Define problems adequately. (Analyze its history and consequences.)

What is the problem?

What caused this problem?

Who is affected by the problem?

What are the effects of the problem?

Why is this problem an important one to discuss?

Where did it begin or where is it the most problematic?

When did it become a problem?

What does the reader need to know about this problem?

  • Describe solution(s) meticulously.
  • Develop a convincing argument. (Show that it is a serious issue in need of attention.)
  • Anticipate readers’ objections.
  • Evaluate solutions. (Show that these solutions are better than other choices.)
  • Write in an organized fashion. (Make sure that the thesis presents the solution.)
  • Proofread carefully for errors in punctuation, mechanics, grammar, etc.
  • Set goals and revise for clarity and coherence.


Sources:  Use 5 or more reliable sources and cite them correctly at the end of the paper as well as within the text of the essay. You should try to find the most recent information possible and use all types of sources: books, articles, web sites, newspapers, television programs, interviews, etc. 


Length:  Paper should be between 5 and 9 typed pages (12 point). This doesn’t include the works cited page.  There should be at least 5 pages of text.


Audience:  Establish this early in the paper.  It should be apparent who this paper addresses, the group in agreement, the group in disagreement, an unbiased party, those who have the power to make changes, etc.


Assessment:  The paper will be evaluated for the use of sources, organization, a well-defined problem, an adequately described solution, a convincing argument, anticipation of reader’s objections, and your voice.


Evaluation Criteria:


Description and analysis of the problem

q  A specific problem is identified early in the paper.

q  All information relates to proving that the problem is serious and in need of attention by your audience.

q  You provide convincing information.

q  Several types of timely evidence are provided: facts, figures, expert testimony, examples, stories, etc.

q  Moves logically and smoothly


A proposed solution and an argument for that solution

q  Thesis statement clearly and explicitly proposes one particular solution.

q  You argue for one solution.

q  Reasons are given for proposal’s enactment.

q  Evidence is provided for each reason.

q  Alternative solutions are argued against.


Synthesis of personal ideas with information from sources

q  Main ideas seem to be your own thinking based on analysis of the research.

q  Observations and interviews are important in your own analysis (primary research).

q  Ideas go beyond the arguments often heard.





Use of sources and documentation

q  Lead-ins and in-text citations show clearly where information from sources begins and ends.

q  There is a works cited page included.

q  Primarily used is paraphrased or summarized material with very few direct quotes included.

q  Paraphrases change the original wordings to avoid plagiarism.

q  In-text citations follow the correct format.

q  All sources on the works cited page are referred to in the parenthetical citations and vice versa.



q  Spellchecked

q  Punctuation, MLA documentation, word choices, sentence and paragraph constructions all correctly written.


q  One-inch margins all around paper, 12-point type, MLA paper format (following text example).

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/09/2015 11:40 pm
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