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Healthcare management reporting and analysis can now be done with a few clicks of data uploaded into various software programs that create the “healthcare dashboard.” Executives, directors, managers, and other medical professionals are finding the “at-a-glance” software gives the user the in depth data in an easy to analyze format. The unique design allows users to identify and prioritize needs and issues. The ability to manage more effectively can likely be found in the application of the dashboard.

Step One

Select this link  (Links to an external site.)to access iDashboards.

Note: If the link does not open, hold down the "Ctrl" key and select the link. It will open in a new window.

Step Two

Review each of the 3 dashboards provided by selecting the links on the iDashboard page. These categories include:

Human Eye Health Patient Metrics Doctors Scorecard

Step Three

Review all 3 dashboards (Click on the charts, move your mouse over the charts, and see how the data changes  - this will be important in your review).

Step Four

Provide a minimum 300 word summary of the findings provided in one of the three dashboards you selected. This means that you will have a total (minimum) word count of 300 words for the assignment.

The summary for the selected dashboard will include:

  1. Title of dashboard.
  2. Description of the data provided (overview).
  3. Detailed description of each of the measurements provided for your selected dashboard.
  4. A comparison of data where appropriate, for each aspect that offers comparisons (include statistics for comparison).
  5. Identify trends in data and propose reasons for such findings.
  6. An overall summary for the dashboard presented.
  7. APA reference listing for the dashboard presented.
  • Your summaries should be clearly written to represent the data of the selected dashboard. Information gained from iDashboard will not require in-text citations.
  • Post directly to the assigned Discussion Board for this module.

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Due By (Pacific Time) 04/14/2015 04:00 pm
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