Project #64920 - Cost Accouting

Guideline for the term paper /AIT/.

  1. Please go to the above link and complete the tutorial for academic integrity and print the confirmation letter at the end of the tutorial and turn it in by Monday, January 26 in class. This confirmation is worth 5% of your term assignment grade.

  2. You should know that any violation of academic honesty, including plagiarism, will automatically results in a grade of F for this course and possible dismissal from the university. In short, your term paper must be your own work. If you copy any part of your paper from other sources that do not belong to you, your grade for this course will be F.

Cost Accounting 301, Spring 2015, Term paper

Find a Local company, collect information from the company’s manager, and write a 5 to 6 pages paper on their accounting system.

  1. 1-  Provide a good background about the company (age of the company, expansion through the time, number of employees at start point, number of employees currently).

  2. 2-  What method does the company use for measuring management performance?

  3. 3-  What method do they use to price their products?

  4. 4-  How do they deal with their returns, scarps, and by products?

  5. 5-  What is (are) their main product(s)?

  6. 6-  What type of company are they(manufacturing, merchandising, or service)?

  7. 7-  What types of forms do they use for purchasing, selling, and keeping track of their


  8. 8-  How do they allocate their manufacturing overhead?

  9. 9-  Give a good explanation of their inventory system (perpetual/periodic) and their cost flow

    assumption (FIFO/LIFO).

    Your paper should be:

    1. Between 5 to 6 pages,

    2. Double spaced,

    3. Font 12 Times New Roman,

    4. Do not forget to cite every source you are using,

    5. For direct quote make sure you use the proper format for referencing,

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/03/2015 11:00 am
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