Project #64862 - Paper

Make a script for an interview. Make sure the questions are easy to answer and personal to them in order to complete a one hr interview.

Do not use the word SEXUALITY.

Edit and add more questions:

1.     Living in Miami, what kind of differences do you see from your culture?

2.     Tell me a little bit about your teen.

3.     Do you have a unique relationship with your teen?

4.     So what do you and your teen talk about together?

5.     Give me a scenario of what you and your teen talk about?

6.     Does the father talk to the teen as well?

7.     Are you concerned on how your teen is dressed?

8.     How do you feel about your teen dating?

9.     What is the appropriate age to date?

10.  Did you have rules while dating?

11.  What are your rules about your teen being on social media?

12.  What do you think about media and advertisements impacting your teen’s decision on sex, whether it’s positive or negative?

13.  How comfortable do you feel when talking about sex education to your teen?

14.  How do you define sex education?

15.  What are some barriers that can potentially stop you from talking to your teen about sex education?

16.  At what age do you believe that parents should discuss sex education and why?

17.  As a parent do you seek resources to assist in sex education?

18.  Do you have any personal beliefs that could prevent you to talk about sex education to your teen?

19.  Does religion play a big role on how you provide sex education to your teen?

20.  Are you acceptant of the LGBTQ community?

21.  How do you feel about gay couples?

22.  Do you think parents or school should teach sex education?

23.  Is there a reason why you feel that way?

24.  How do you feel about teen pregnancy?

25.  Why do you think this is occurring so much?

26.  How can we improve sex education?

27.  Give us some ideas.

28.  What other things would you do to make an effort to talk about sex education?

29.  Is there anything you want to add?

Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/04/2015 12:00 am
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