Project #64534 - Womans world cup football (Soccer) campaign nike 2500 words good quality (willing to pay good mone0

Greatness doesn't only exist in men

The title here is our campaign logo to show women that they can also play football and sports.

The idea is to simply inspire and energise everyday athletes everywhere and to celebrate their achievements, participate and enjoy the thrill of achieving in sport at their own level

Nike will back the campaign by a Twitter marketing push using the hash tag #SportisSport. Look at that this is how we are going to get our message across. It is very important that we use theory to back up what we are doing.

tens of millions of pounds globally over the course of the world cup.whith many tv advertisement around the world. So I need you to show figures of how much it will cost and how long it will take

Nike UK has also developed an extension of the national campaign which will involve outdoor and print advertising as well as a separate online film featuring  past and present athletes promoting the product. This is how we will promote it because the younger generation will be likely to want to get involved if people like Ronaldo or rooney were involved to push womens footy.

The poster campaign is comprised of nine different ads featuring top football stars both men and women, which will run in prominent sites in all over the world epically Europe and America

included regular events and experiences to encourage women to get involved with football whether socially or professionally .

our current campaign is not strong as adidas, McDonald and coca cola own the rights as the official sponsors

this is a brief description of the marketing campaign. You have to use this information




this is what I need you to do. Follow this step by step . follow the  headings don’t add anything that it doesn’t mention there.  

Executive Summary
Situation analysis (relevant highlights from the client brief)
Tactics – include visual ideas (visuals can be placed in main report or in the appendices) Action

This assignment involves producing a report to the client in which you represent an agency and are pitching for the contract to produce an improvement to the current campaign. You may decide that the current campaign needs improvement in its messages or its media selection or both, or you may through your analysis recognise that there is an opportunity to target a new segment. What is the best strategy to remain competitive? Make sure that your choices are fully justified from your analysis. Follow the marking criteria provided.

Provide the following:

Key highlights of the situation analysis which your group evaluated.
Provide an overview of the target audience and the positioning of the brand (or product) in their minds.

Specify Marketing Communications objectives (which must be measurable) to enable your client to achieve their marketing objectives.

Strategies should be addressed to help you reach the marketing communications objectives. Tactics must be provided. These are the details of the message, the media and other communications tools you are recommending and the order in which they should appear as part of the campaign. This is where you show illustrated ideas such as story boards, posters, a radio ad, an improved website design etc. You must provide visuals to demonstrate your ideas. You will not be marked on your drawing or design ability.

Action is an important part of any campaign. Here you should provide costs and time for each media choice. This includes preparation time; who will provide these services as well as airing time. This can be demonstrated as a Gantt chart.
Control is your recommended programme to evaluate the campaign to check on its effectiveness.

IMPORTANT: check the marking criteria. You must provide visual ideas for at least three of your recommendations. These can be placed in your report appendices if you wish. For example, if you recommend an improved magazine advertisement, not only should you identify which magazines are most appropriate for your target audience, you should also show the client what your advertisement will look like.


Please follow the marking criteria look at the areas where most marks are given and ensure that it is detailed in that area

Grading will be based as follows:

General quality and depth of analysis: /30

Integration between analysis and recommendations to improve the current campaign /10

Use of relevant theory to support analysis: /10

Use of additional research sources and references: /10

Creativity and originality of recommendations, including visual creative ideas /30

Presentation: (10%) Style, grammar, writing skills, format, sign-posting and
overall presentation

TOTAL /100 Overall comments:

It is basically a excutive summary as I want to get funding to be able to run the campaigh. Need new and fresh ideas

If you are not sure about anything please let me know as I have sent you all of this information in the past and the work was not done properly.

Also it is vital that you make visual such as actually making a twitter page to promote it using the campaign logo which is greatness doesn’t only exist in men. I need a few visuals as the work says

Thank you for your work ethic and I hope you understand exactly what I want you to do. If you struggle on the womens football idea please let me know because I am very good at that.

Hope you get this done so we can work on other work

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Due By (Pacific Time) 04/01/2015 11:30 pm
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