Project #63834 - Technical Writing Proposal



To:      ENGL.362 students

From : Sumita Roy

Subject: Group Project Report


 Once you leave the college/ university, you will find that a substantial portion of your written work will involve team work. Proposals and reports are the most usual kinds of writing that are produced in this fashion. As you work on this project, you will begin to appreciate the benefits of working with others -as well as the frustrations and problems that might crop up. You will learn how to gather data, organize the material you have obtained and write a report. Your knowledge of document design/graphics will also come in handy.


I will provide general guidelines, but it is your responsibility to divide the assignment fairly and effectively amongst group members. As soon as you can, identify who are your best organizers, writers, editors, proofreaders, researchers, and artists. Arrange for time when you can all meet outside class so that you can collaborate and discuss the project. As you work, I will ask for informal progress reports. Maintain a schedule chart-and a log of daily activities.


Group Rules:

Each group will consist of three to four members. You must attend each meeting. If you miss a meeting or if you fail to provide the group with your assignment on time, you will have to start over with a new topic, gather new information and write your own project.

If you have some emergency and must miss a class, call another member of your group and provide him/her with the information that you were responsible for.

Do your fair share of the work in the team. All members will evaluate other team members and also themselves on their contribution to the project. It is your responsibility to inform me if the project is not running according to schedule.

Each group will brainstorm its own topic and work out a strategy: study the issues involved, explore avenues for possible research and keep records.

Each group must select a moderator who will record all meetings and report to me about daily activities. This will touch on who is doing what, what research has been done and the progress made towards writing the report.

 You will be graded on your individual contribution to the project; please be meticulous in documenting your contribution.


The Assignment

As a collaborative project, the assignment can work in many ways. Some options include that group members from different majors and differing research areas pool in their combined interests and resources to analyze a problem in campus that affects them all. OR group members with similar or related majors and research interests identify a problem/topic that interests them. A third option would be to gather together students working on a project in the same department. Think of a problem that exists in the campus and one that can have a feasible solution. Some suggestions include eliminating litter in a particular area in campus, inadequate computer terminals, establishing internship programs in a particular curriculum or improving poorly-lit areas in the campus. Do not spend time on problems like rising prices of textbooks or inadequate parking space. Remember that in a proposal / report it is not enough that you identify a problem -your main task is to study the problem and propose a workable solution.

I.        Identify your group partners. Brainstorm for problems/topics that you have identified in your campus. Then, choose one of these that you all agree upon. Typically, it should be the one that generates some amount of information.-and one that can have feasible solutions. Narrow down  the topic and be as  specific as you can.


II.      Study the problem, its background and possible solutions. Think of your approach and methodology.



III.    Write a short, informal proposal on your topic of choice (collaborative)


IV.  Collect information through convenient channels- letters of inquiry, visits, surveys, phone  calls, library and electronic research, and interviews.


V.    Address your report to a decision-maker within the organization persuading him/her to approve of your recommendations. We will discuss format guidelines in class. Your report should not be very long (five to ten typed pages, excluding front and end matter; illustrations; bibliographic documentation,  etc.).



VI.  It is required that members of each group communicate amongst themselves by e-mail. Each member should submit at least copies of three such e-mail messages.




Each group will turn in:

A typed report

 Peer Evaluation sheets

Evaluation sheets (by group members)

Attendance Log sheet

Activity Log sheet








TO: ENGL. 362 students

From: Sumita Roy

Subject: Informal Proposal





Since your proposal is the first step towards writing your collaborative report, please see Assignment  #4 for more details.  At this point in time, you should have identified your group members and the topic that you want to write on.

Write a short, informal proposal not exceeding one to two pages informing me about your proposed topic and plan of work for the Formal Report. We will discuss the format in class. You might like to skim through Chapter 23 to get a preliminary idea about a proposal. This is a collaborative writing effort, so individual group members must contribute towards its production.  Your memo should include relevant information under the following sub-headings:



1.     Statement of Objective

2.     Plan of Work ( research methods: the various strategies you employ to gather data)

3.     Division of Tasks amongst group members (each student should conduct at least one interview, 25 student surveys, secondary research, and write and edit a part of the report).

4.     Schedule of Work (review syllabus to locate due dates; you should have a draft ready by the time peer evaluation is due).



Make appropriate use of white space, capitalization, underlining, listing and headings.

Please maintain meticulous records of meetings, absences, and work accomplished by group members. Keep me posted at all times. Download activity log sheet and meeting log sheet.





Your proposal should be comprehensive and answer the following questions:

What are you proposing?

What problem will you solve?

Why is your plan worthwhile?

What is unique about your plan?

What are your credentials?

How will the plan be implemented?

How long will it take to accomplish it?

How much will it cost?

What are the benefits of accepting your plan?


Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/26/2015 12:30 pm
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