Project #63746 - software enginering

2 Functional requirements

The GM-SIS must provide the following five modules:

         ·  Customer account 

         ·  Vehicle records 

         ·  Diagnostic and Repair bookings 

         ·  Parts record 

         ·  Scheduled maintenance bookings 

         ·  Specialist Repairs 
Each module will need to be developed separately and meet the following functional requirements: 

1.            Present a graphical user interface to the user to allow them to carry out all operations. 

2.            Allow records and data to be added/edited and deleted. 

3.            Correctly implement the specific data requirements associated with the module. 

4.            Save and retrieve records to/from a database table(s). Page 3 

5.            Execute specific operations on the data associated with the module. 

6.            Provide a method of user authentication. 

The GM-SIS as a whole will be integrated by combining all of these independently developed modules together and will meet the following functional requirements:

1.            Present a single GUI for the system as a whole. 

2.            Deliver a single authentication mechanism. 

3.            Preserve the data integrity of the system by ensuring that changes made in one 
module are updated in all others (e.g. deleting a vehicle record will delete the bookings associated with that record). 


Module data requirements


1.   There are two types of bookings: “diagnosis and repair” and “scheduled maintenance”. Each is handled differently but they share common features. Scheduled maintenance refers to the act of servicing or inspecting a vehicle either to prevent faults arising in future or to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy. 

2.   There are two types of scheduled maintenance. The first is a service and the second is the MoT (Ministry of Transport) test. 

3.   A service is carried out according to the vehicle manufacturer’s schedule, which is either usage or time based. A usage based schedule stipulates the maximum number of miles the vehicle can be used between services, typically it is between 10000 and 12000 miles. A time based schedule stipulates the maximum elapsed calendar time between services, such as a year or two years. 

4.   Scheduled maintenance has a fixed cost per vehicle. For a MOT test the cost is £30 and for a service it is £150. 

5.   A vehicle can fail an MOT test and this must be recorded. The reasons for failure must be recorded. 

6.   Each scheduled maintenance booking is of fixed time duration and uses one bay in the garage for that duration. 

7.   There are six bays in total, each of which can be occupied by only one vehicle. 

8.   The opening hours of the garage are Mon-Fri 9am to 5.30pm and Sat 9am-12 noon. 

9.   The garage is not open on public and bank holidays. 

10.                 Bookings taken must respect the availability of bays. 

11.                 Appointments can only be made in the future. 

12.                 Current mileage of the vehicle must be recorded during the diagnosis and repair booking. 




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Due By (Pacific Time) 03/26/2015 12:00 am
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