Project #63621 - assembly language

Getting Started with the Assembly Language Tools


The goals for this week’s assignment are the following:

·        Get familiar with the development environment and ensure that you can modify, assemble and successfully run a program.

·        Get familiar with the CPU registers and perform simple operations on them. This section needs to be done in conjunction with this week’s chapter reading.



·        Please comment your code generously

·        Please mark the various questions in the code with a comment shown below

 ;Question 1

               Enter the code for problem 1 here…
;Question 2

               Enter the code for problem 2 here
(and so on)



1.      To access the author’s tutorial for setting up your Visual Studio environment and compiling a program, click On the website, click the Getting started with MASM link and follow the instructions.


Work through the tutorial, compile the file main.asm and successfully run it.


2.      Add to the “main.asm” file to display the following string. “My name is --- and this is my first assembly language class “
In the sentence above, replace insert you name in the --- area of the string. Compile and test.


3.      Initialize three variables Var1, Var2, Var3 as 16bit words with the values 10, -60, 30. Add to the main.asm code from above to compute the following equation
y = Var1 + Var2 + Var3.  Use only addition and use no more than 3 lines of code to produce the result.
Show the result in the eax register by using the following two lines of code.

call DumpRegs
call waitMsg

4.      Add a comment at the end of the code why, even though the result is negative, zeros appear in the upper bits of the eax register?

When you are done, search for the *.exe file that can be run as a standalone program.

Save the *.exe file as “Wk2.exe”. Also find and copy the file “main.asm” to the name “Wk2.asm”                

All project folders should be zipped and submitted.

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/29/2015 06:00 pm
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