Project #6343 - Human Resource Paper

I would prefer a paper analyzing the EEOC website.....

Assignment purpose and website choices


The purpose of this assignment is to introduce and familiarize the student with a Federal government website that is useful human resource activities.  By familiarizing oneself with such governmental websites, one can learn a considerable amount about data, administrative decisions, and current research of the specific Federal agency.


5.     Choose one of the agencies within the DOL for your agency website analysis or choose the EEOC website for your analysis. 


6.     Follow the template structure of the paper presented below.


7.     Note: Each of these databases is massive, therefore start early, and explore the links and the areas of interest within the site.  You will not be able to discuss any one of these sites in its entirety; therefore, you need to follow the sectional instructions (below) carefully and focus on depth of analysis rather than light treatments of many subtopics.






Template for the paper’s sections and their respective content




Section I




Give an appropriate title to the first section.  This section should include an introduction that describes the purpose of the report and the website chosen for discussion and analysis.  Include a brief but integrated discussion of the purpose and function of the agency or institution.  Follow this






by a discussion of the scope of the report by noting the specific information (news/news briefs, reports, up-dated regulations, and data) that the report will cover. 




You will note that each website has an “About” or “Overview” link with further links that discuss the mission, purposes, roles, and services that the agency or institution (or branch of the institution) provides (including publications, research, consulting, and the like).  Read about the agency and its mission, services, and functions before organizing your thoughts that go into your discussion of the purpose and function of the agency or institution. 




Each agency’s website will be different, but you will find links (or sub-links under a title) for information categories such as, news (or newsroom), reports, data (or statistics), studies, and regulations. Use judgment, but this section should run 1 - 3 pages in length.






Section II




Give an appropriate title to the second section.  The second section should describe the agency’s news link (often labeled as newsroom or something like current topics or current news).  All federal agency sites will have a link that provides this kind of information. The purpose of this area link is to inform the reader or the research of salient and important news, events, or issues. In the description, discuss an example news or information item. 




After describing the link and discussing a news or information item, assess and evaluate the link in terms of its usefulness to the human resource professional and the employing organization (whether it is a company, a non-profit organization, or a government agency).  This section should run about 2 – 4 pages in length.






Section III




Give an appropriate title to the third section.  Federal government agencies also have links that take the reader to specific reports, statistical data, and studies.  The link or links will be entitled as “reports,” or “studies,” or perhaps “projects.”  The third section should focus on describing, assessing, and evaluating one of the agency’s regularly published reports or studies that can be found by following the sub-links that provide the reports or studies.




The best way to do the third section is to peruse several reports or studies and to become familiar with their content and analyses. When you are comfortable with one of these reports, summarize it by description, assessment, and evaluation of it. The focus of this section is to discuss the utility and potential value to the human resource specialist and to the organization.




You do not want to repeat all of the report details, but rather provide a précis or synopsis of key items that you think add value and usefulness. This may take more time than the second section, so think this through carefully. This section should be about 2 – 4 pages in length.








Section IV




Again, give an appropriate title to the fourth section.  The fourth and final section presents what you, the author, think of the agency’s website.  This is the only section of the paper that will allow you to use first person voice (I, me, or my) sentences for interpretation and any recommendations. Use reason and evidence-based arguments. Do not write about how you “feel” about the agency’s website; that is not pertinent in a professional report. If you gush about your feelings, you will receive a reduced grade. You are to interpret, evaluate, and recommend based on reason and the evidence that you found. This section should be about 1 - 3 pages in length.






Paper Requirements




A.    Follow the APA style:


  1.  Headings and subheadings,
  2.  Double spaced paragraphs; set paper margins at 1” all-around,
  3.  Times New Roman font (size 12),
  4.  Figures or tables,
  5.  Citations within the exposition,
  6.  Pagination, references, and appendices




B.     Instructor’s requirements:


1.       Prepare the paper as the MS Word 2008 or higher document form (do not use Adobe).


2.       Do not lock the document; allow for the insertion of comments or observations.


3.      Write in third person (he, she, & it) for the first three sections of the paper.


4.       Use first person (I or me), second person (you or your), or third person in the fourth section. 


5.      Revise and edit as you proceed.  The written quality counts up to 10% of the grade.1


6.       Do not “copy & paste” materials; the document will be checked for authenticity.


  1.  Attach an A.P.A. style cover page.




C.     Writing reminders:


·        Grammar is proper use of the parts of speech (such as, nouns, verbs, adjectives, & adverbs).


·        Spelling is self-evident, but it is a common “red flag” by readers to reject the document.


·        Diction concerns the correct word choice; use a dictionary when in doubt of a word’s meaning.


·        Syntax concerns the construction of sentences and how various constructions affect meaning.


·        Punctuation concerns the use conventional marks to demarcate sentences for clarity.


·        Mechanics concerns the accepted use of abbreviations, titles, capitalization, and italics.


·        Organization depends on the report or document’s purpose, but certain protocols in headings, seriation, subheadings, references, indices, prefatory pages, bibliographies, and appendices are common.  Use the A.P.A. links within the OWL website!


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Due By (Pacific Time) 05/18/2013 03:30 pm
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