Project #6304 - Transformational Change Management Plan

Deliverable Length: 1,200–1,650 words with a minimum of 8 scholarly references  


APA format ALL Orginal!


Key Assignment Final Draft

You should treat it as a finished document in terms of grammar, formatting, references, all necessary sections, and complete content.


Transformational Change Management Plan

You will create an entire Transformational Change Management Plan for a medium-sized public company that has lost a lot of business to a competitor that has chosen to outsource much of its production operations. The company has been based in a small Midwestern town, it is one of the largest employers, and it has an excellent reputation for employee welfare. It is now planning to do the very same offshoring, which will involve large layoffs of long-term employees.

The project deliverables are as follows:

   Transformational Change Management Plan

?                      Use Word

?                      Title page Pg1

I.                                     Course number and name

II.                                   Project name

III.                                Your name

IV.                                 Date



?                      Table of Contents (TOC) Pg 2

I.                                     This should be on a separate page.

II.                                   This should be a maximum of 3 levels deep.

III.                                If you are using an auto generated TOC, be sure to update the fields of the TOC before submitting your project.



?                      Section Headings

I.                                     Week 1: Introduction (200–300 words) 2 scholarly references   

A.                                                      What is offshoring all about?

B.                                                      Stakeholders involved and the hot button or agenda of each group

C.                                                     Examples of companies that have done it successfully, including references

D.                                                     Unsuccessful examples, including references



II.                                   Week 2: What is driving the need for this transformational change? (200–300 words) 2 scholarly references   

A.                                                      Why is this considered a transformational change?

B.                                                      Why can the firm not just keep doing what it has been doing, specifically?

C.                                                     Management's role in the transformational change

D.                                                     Are there easier alternatives to accomplish the goal of remaining competitive?



III.                                Week 3: Theories of Change Management (200–300 words) 2 scholarly references   

A.                                                      Lewin and others

B.                                                      Action research

C.                                                     Appreciative inquiry



IV.                                 Week 4: Communication Plan (200–300 words) 2 scholarly references   

A.                                                      Which stakeholders require communication?

B.                                                      How to communicate to them

C.                                                     By whom

D.                                                     When



V.                                    Week 4: Implementation Plan (200–300 words) 2 scholarly references   

A.                                                      Major implementation steps

B.                                                      Key criteria for success



VI.                        Week 5: Rollout (200–300 words)

A.                                   To complete the plan, Part 2 will identify specific risks and mitigation strategies that must be considered during I  implementation of this plan..                   



Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 05/21/2013 01:00 pm
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