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Please complete pg 386 answer all in essay format and complete the excel sheet.,m7vxhh8h9wtiq2r,5z6t80kx77camsy

The above link will have three attachments. One will be the excel sheet I started, Second will be of three screen shots of my homework from my online text book pg 386 only. And third was my attempt to write out what was on page 386 since I could not upload a file through ACE MY HOMEWORK.

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Please complete this in excel

#3mean x=98.105s=.699

#4Mean x=98.394s=0.743

Chapter 7

Hypothesis Testing With One Sample

Human body temperature: What’s Normal?

In an article in the journal of statistics Education (vol.4, no.2), Allen Shoemaker describes a study that was reported in the journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). * It is generally accepted that the mean body temperature of an adult human is 98.6 °F. In this article, shoemaker uses the data from the JAMA article to test this hypothesis. Here is a summary of this test.

Claim: The body temp. of adults os 98.6°F

Ho:μ =98.6°F (Claim)

Ha:μ ≠ 98.6°F

Sample Size= n =130

Population: Adult human temperatures (Fahrenheit)

Distribution: Aproximately normal

Test Statistics: x (mean could find the symbol with the slash on the top of                    x(Mean) =98.25, s=0.73

*Data for JAMA article were collected from healthy men are women ages 18 to 40 at the university of Maryland center for vaccine development, Baltimore.

Mens Temperature(In degrees Fahrenheit)

Etc………………………..Bhah Bhah Bhah Please check attachment with screen shots

Subject Mathematics
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