Project #62185 - Research Paper Proposal

Complete this assignment using the following memo format:


To:                 John Smith, Joseph Stevens, and Robert Morris, Partners

From:            Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx



  • Write no more than one-two pages of words but include relevant illustrations.
  • The illustrations are in addition to the one-two pages of content, so your memo will be longer than one or two pages. 
  • Single space within the paragraph and skip a space in between paragraphs.
  • Use a Size 12 Times New Roman font.


Scenario: You are the intern coordinator for an IT consulting company that specializes in working with entrepreneurial global clients. Although the three partners have been impressed with the internship program you set up this year, the international incident in Thailand cost the firm substantial money and generated negative publicity. Upon your return from Thailand, the partners informed you that your program will be eliminated, and they don’t have another position to offer because you are not an IT consultant.

Your only hope to save your job is to convince the partners that you can train the interns before they travel to foreign countries. John Smith is enthusiastic about your proposal to set up a multicultural training program, but Joseph Stevens is not. Of course, John is retiring, so his vote counts less. However, Robert Morris recommends that you write a one-two page proposal to describe the audience for the report (the interns) and the content that would be taught. He is asking for a research paper on one nation with respect to how their culture differs from ours. He also asks to speak to you privately after the meeting.

The partners describe very specifically what they want to see in this sample report. The sections of the report should describe the cultural customs in one nation and show how they are the same or different from our own customs. You have persuaded them that this information can be used to train the interns to act appropriately in public and in business meetings. In the report (not this proposal) the partners will require sections on at least three of the following topics:  nonverbal communication, language, business and casual attire, technology, climate, politics, religion, food, security issues, and attitudes toward foreigners, particularly U.S. citizens. However, other information may be included.

In the private meeting afterward, Robert reminds you that he has just enrolled in the MBA program at Casement University. He has to write a research paper using the APA documentation system, and he doesn’t remember how to use it. He asks you to write your business report using this system as a research paper so that he can use it as a model, and you can help him. You agree, and he seems pleased at your willingness to teach him how to cite sources using APA. You feel like you have another ally in your battle to keep your job.


In addition to the one-two pages of words in the memo, include appropriate illustrations. These illustrations may be inserted in the appropriate paragraphs and/or at the end of the memo.

Structure of the Memo:

The memo should have four sections with these headings in this order:


Audience Analysis:

Summary of Key Points:

Schedule of Tasks:

In the one-two page memo, you must include graphic illustrations to make the report more interesting and attractive.

The Purpose refers to why this report has been requested by the partners.

The audience to be analyzed is the interns. You may invent their backgrounds (ex. Married? Children? Age? Education? Etc.)

The Schedule of Tasks must be included as a chart or table.

These tasks will describe the schedule for writing this business report in Weeks 4 - 6.

You can just put into a chart or table a quick summary of the steps/tasks involved in your proposal. It can be quite simple.

You won’t write about tasks involving the training sessions because the partners have not approved those sessions. They want to see the quality of the information and how you organize it before they decide to finance the sessions.

Therefore, you will start with the beginning and end date and then develop the tasks needed to write the report (ex. brainstorm to choose nation, research sources, analyze audience (the interns), etc.

You have three weeks to research and write the report. The schedule should start on Day 1 of Week 4 and end on Day 7 of Week 6 when the business report is due.

The Summary of Key Points then just quickly goes through the report as a whole as a conclusion would do.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/14/2015 11:59 pm
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