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Describe the 5 criteria that need to be in place in order to meet the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrum.  If all 5 criteria are met does evolution occur?(175 words)


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1. Random mating. If individuals mate preferentially, such as with close relatives (inbreeding), random mixing of gametes does not occur, and genotype frequencies change. 
So if you have a population of animals and there is completely random mating...meaning there is no preference, animals or people do not look at each other and say "you are too tall or you are too short, you are to spotted, you are too white, or you are too whatever".
2. No mutations. By changing alleles or deleting or duplicating genes, mutations modify the gene pool.
3. Very large population. The smaller the population, the more likely that allele frequencies will fluctuate by chance from one generation to the next.
The population has to stay large at all times, because if your population gets too small it would be subject to random events that have a large impact on your population.
4. No gene flow between populations. When individuals move into or out of populations, they add or remove alleles, altering the gene pool.
The population needs to be completely isolated from other organisms. So we can not change the genetic make up of our population we have to keep them completely isolated.
5. No natural selection. The unequal survival and reproductive success of individuals (natural selection) can also allele frequencies.
Natural selection results is an adaptation. It is a genetic change in your population, that allows them to be more suited to their environment and that would change your environment, change your organisms.

In order to have absolutely no change occurring, our population has to have completely random mating, no mutations happening, always a large population in size, which is completely isolated from other organisms and no natural selection occurring. So if no change is happening, we need these five criteria...but that really doesn't happen in nature.

If all five criteria are met does evolution occur? No, evolution will not occur.
(Biology Concepts & Connections and Lecture 12)




For the Hardy-Weinber equilibrium to work the criteria is:

1. There has to be a large population because if the population is small the will be fluctuation in alleles

2. No gene flow between populations. This is needed because individuals move in and out of populations and alleles are added or taken away

3. There can't be mutations because they modify the gene pool

4. Random mating. If individuals mate preferentially random mixing of gametes does not occur 

5. No natural selection. Unequal survival and reproductive success of individuals can alter alleles.

If all the criteria is met the allele and genotype frequencies will remain constant for many generations.

(Biology Concepts p267) 

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