Project #61371 - Information Technology

Present and discuss a trend (technology and/or application) in networks, and in the Internet particularly, that you consider important. Explain the technical aspects as well as the rationale for the importance of the trend.  300 words in APA style.  

Please strive to enrich the main post with citations, references, links, data, graphs, Youtube videos, podcasts, quotes, etc.  Also, remember to include supporting references in APA format and citations from those references within the body of your discussions, properly formatted using APA style.

Will pay $35.00

Below is a set of trends that you may explore, along with a set of references, choose one please.  

1. Network address resolution (NAT)
2. Software-as-a-service
3  Wearable devices
4  Thin clients
5. Expanding applications of social media
6. Infrastructure-as-a-service
7  Anonymization on the Internet
8  Search engines
9. Driver-less cars
10.Personal cloud
11.Mobile applications
12 Digital forensics
13.Mobile cloud
14.VPN and remote access
16.Privacy through Encryption
17.Network access storage
18.Digital rights management (DRM)
19.Alert messaging
20.Home automation


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