Project #61093 - Capsim Business Simulations Report

This is a  6-8 pages report for the Capsim Business Simulations (it's preferable that the writer has knowledge of Capsim). The company's name is Baldwin. I only need a report on the marketing section for Baldwin (6-8 pages). It'll be for round 3. I have attached the company's Capstone Courier report and the Annual reports. I also attached the Key Result Indicators (KRI) for the company. Here are the details need to be done:


1. Marketing Overview:


- A summary of the main goals and results of your marketing analysis that is contained in this section. This includes the main numerical results.




- When someone finishes reading this overview, they should know the main results, goals and plans of the section. The rest of the section provides the details, but an executive can get the main idea by reading these 3 or 4 paragraphs.






2. Strategy and Key Results Indicators (this has already been done and just needed to be put in the report as paragraphs):




- Describe the strategy for your department and indicate how it fits into the overall company strategy. As part of your strategy, you should have two or three key result indicators for your department. For each KRI, indicate the SMART objectives you have developed to evaluate the KRI and the actions being taken to meet the objective. Provide an analysis of whether you are currently on track to achieving your objectives and KRI. 




- The basic concept is: KRI – 2 or 3 SMART objectives for each KRI – action for each objective (this is already done and attached) 




- Your department should have a primary KRI which will become part of the strategic framework in the corporate strategy and goals section of the report.






3. SWOT Analysis:


- Create a SWOT matrix based on the entire company. Use only very short bullets in the quadrants—no explanation there. Should be at least 3 bullets in each quadrant. 




- Follow the matrix with document text that explains why you have chosen the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.




- Indicate briefly how you will utilize or act on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.






4. Competitive Analysis:


- Direct competitor analysis from the viewpoint of your department: Explain the strengths and weaknesses of each direct competitor in their 4P’s.


- What do you think their future marketing strategy will be, and how that may affect your own strategy? How are you planning to respond to their future strategy?




- Industry Analysis: Overall changes, movement, trends in the industry, and how they will affect your strategic plans.






5.Sales Forecasting:




- Prepare a unit sales forecast for the next three years for the number of units you project to sell in each market and overall.




- Prepare a sales dollar forecast for the next three years for the revenues you project to make in each market and overall. Make sure and indicate the sales price per unit you are using, the growth rate (or reduction), and the rationale for your assumptions.




- Be sure the above forecasts match with all other department’s projections/usage.




-The above should be shown in a table, not a graph.






6.Variance Analysis:




- Choose one or two of the KRI areas that impacts your department’s performance the most and provide a detailed analysis of it. Compare the actual KRI performance to your projected KRI performance by showing (graphing) each and the percentage of variance.




- Discuss the reasons for the variance and the plans you have to reduce it.






Please consider appendix if needed, professional appearance, and grammar and spelling.


Please make sure that the report is for Baldwin.




Thank you very much,,,



Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/08/2015 04:00 pm
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