Project #60985 - Week 5 final assgnment

This is a team assigment, below are the instructions for the entire team as well as the grading rubric from the instructor. This assignment needs to be based off of merrill lynch and Morgan Stanley. you do not need to complete the enitire assigment, you only need to do person three(listed below). both the paper as well as the powerpoint can be broken down as such: Again you only need to do the part for person 3.


into three parts like this:

1st person: Intro, recommendation and concusion on paper

2nd person: horizontal and vertical analysis

3rd person:  All ratios-Mickey



and for the powerpoint it should be breakdown as:

2nd person intro and conclusion for both the companies, Liquidity and Leverage ratio of Coca cola

3rd person: operational and valuation ratios-mickey

1st person: equtiy ratio, current ratio, debt ratio, EPS, inventory ratio for Pepsi




assignment instructions

Each learning shall complete an analysis of two publicly traded companies. The companies should be in the same industry. Prepare a minimum 1500 word paper assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the firms, as evidenced by ratios.Three years of financial statements and three years of ratios should be included at the end of the paper. You should calculate all of the ratios found in the text as part of your analysis.

Each team shall make an power point presentation of their results. This power point presentation should include a minimum of 15 slides. The slides shall include bar graphs for each of the ratios used in your analysis.

Teams are encouraged to identify companies for their project and obtain annual reports and other information as soon as possible to provide ample time to prepare papers and presentations.

Assume you are writing for a supervisor or colleague in your business or profession. Use of "headings" such as Introduction, Background, Conclusion, Recommendation, etc., to introduce different sections of your papers is required.


Please carefully study and follow the team paper rubric when completing this assignment.

Please post your assignments to the team assignments section by midnight the last day of the week assigned.


instructors Grading Rubric


Fin 370 On Ground


Week 5 Ratio Analysis Paper








1.Does the paper have an introduction section?(Max points3)


A good introduction clearly explains to the reader what the purpose of the paper is.
Points Earned






2.Does the paper use headers?(Max points 3)


Headers provide the reader with the organizational structure of the paper and make the work more readable.


Points Earned








3.Does the paper have a conclusion section?(Max points 3)


A good conclusion summarizes one or two key points that the author wishes the reader to retain.






4.Does the paper meet the minimum word count? (Max points3)


Papers which do not meet the minimum word count shall receive no points.Papers may exceed the minimum word count.






5.Does the paper properly provide footnotes and source references? (Max 3 points)






6. Does the paper discuss two publicly traded companies in the same industry?(Max points 8)






7. Does the paper analyze at least eight business ratios provided in class for each company?(Max points 10)


A separate section (with its own header )for each ratio and each company should be created.The three years of the ratio should be included in the analysis section.If the trend is positive or negative then a brief explanation of the trend and the potential consequences of the trend should be included.






8.Does the paper include an appendix at the end of the paper that contains three years of income statements and balance sheets for each company? (Max points 8)


The total annual financial reports should not be included, just a table showing the standard format (from class) for the three years of income statements and balance sheets.






9.Does the paper include an appendix at the end of the paper that contains three years of ratios for each company? (Max points 8)






10.Does the paper show the percent of sales analysis (converting sales to 1 dollar as shown in class) for the income statement?This should be in a separate section with its own header. (Max points 9)


The percent of sales analysis should show the cost of goods, gross profit, overhead and operating income as pennies per one dollar of sales for each company.Three years of history should be shown for each company.






11.Does the power point presentation include at least fifteen slides? (Max points 8)






12.Were the slides in the power point presentation easy to read, with appropriate font sizes, background colors and short phrases rather than long sentences? (Max points 8)






13.Were the ratios presented as bar graphs with three years of each ratio per bar graph? (Max points 8)


The best bar graphs will show one ratio and include the three years of ratios for each company on the same bar graph.This allows the audience to quickly compare the performance of both companies.






14.Did the presentation include a slide that showed the results of the percent of sales analysis of the income statement for each company? (Max points 8)


This should be presented as a table rather than a graph.One company per slide should be shown rather than the results of both companies on one slide.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/08/2015 12:00 am
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