Project #60650 - Linear Modelling Assignment

General Math - Foundation 2

Linear Modelling Assignment


Question 1


If P = i^2R, find P when i = 3.0 and R = 40.0






b) If Q = 14T + 71, Find T when Q = 190







Question 2

Rearrange each of the following formula so the pro numeral in the bracket becomes the subject of the equation.


3x + y = 12      (y)






b) A = π r^2           (r)






Question 3


Plot a graph of y = 1.5x + 3




























Question 4


Consider the equation: y = -5x + 12.5


What is the y-intercept of this equation?

What is the gradient of this equation?

c)   Sketch the graph of the equation in the space provided.





























Question 5


Determine the equation of the lines joining points:


    (3,9) and (10, 37)









b)     (0, 3 000) and (400, 5 000)










c)     (1, -5) and (-3, -17)










Question 6


A car park charges the following fees.




Draw a step graph representing the car park charges.






Question 6 (continued)

The car park owners decide that they want to encourage short term shoppers to use the car park and discover longer term car park users.


b) Suggest how the could do this and draw your new price structure on the graph from part (a).











Question 7

An Asian elephant born at the Melbourne Zoo had its weight recorded over the first 10 months of its life.






Plot the data on a scatter plot 























Question 7 (Continued)


b) Determine the relationship between the number of months (T) and the weight of the elephant (W). Give your numbers to one decimal place.





c) Pick two sensible points from your line of best fit to sketch the line of best fit onto the graph form (a).





d) Use the equation from (b) to predict the weight of the elephant when it is 7 months old.





e) Use the equation from (b) to predict the weight of the elephant when it is 16 months old.





f) Use the equation from (b) to predict what age the elephant would be when it weighed 1.30 kg.





e) Which of your answers to d), e) or f) do you consider the more reliable? Explain










Question 8


A company sells computer tablets. They have fixed costs of $6 000 per week and purchase the tablets for $250.


They sell the tablets for $380


Determine their revenue equation.




b) Determine their cost equation.





c) Sketch a graph of the company’s cost and revenue equations for up to 100 computer tablets sold. Indicate that approximates break-even point.






Question 8 (continued)


d) Algebraically, determine their break-even points.










How many tablets must they sell to make a profit?




e) Determine the profit or loss the company make when it sells 22 tablets. 










Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/04/2015 09:30 am
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