Project #60567 - Database Management Assigment

Three part Assignemnt:

1) After reading this week’s article, “Modeling for the Future,” expand on the subject of Database Modeling. There are several tools listed and reviewed in the article. Research these tools further (or identify other commercially available modeling tools), compare three tools, and apply your findings as if you were selecting one of the tools for use at your place of employment. Be sure to include comparative detail information on implementation scenarios, target industries, company types most suited for the tool, costs, software type, the type of operating system required, and the target user population.  

Select one of the tools previously compared, and discuss the benefits and the shortcomings. Discuss how this tool will help meet the data modeling requirements for your employer’s database development needs.Your paper must be two to three pages in length APA Style

2) Show a Structured Query Language (SQL) query, and screenshot your results in a Microsoft Word document. For Part 2, provide explanations and screenshots documenting Steps 1 through 4. 

Part A:

  1. Please download, unzip, and open this zip file of the Microsoft Access Customer Service Database. 
  2. Save your database.
  3. You should now be able to use Microsoft Access and the database created to complete the assignment.

Part B:

  1. Add 10 customers to the database using the Customers table. Show the table, including the SQL Code.
  2. Using SQL query, update more than one element in a customer record. Show before and after data, including the SQL code.
  3. Add an 11th customer, and then delete them with a SQL query. Show before and after data, including the SQL Code.
  4. Create a report displaying the customer records using multiple tables. Identify the primary keys in the tables you are reporting on, and show the results of your report.
  5. Screenshot your results into a Microsoft Word document to submit to your instructor using your First and Last name as the file name.

SQL statements should be complex. All data and screenshots should be included in a word document with an explanation of the actions you performed. The document should have a minimum of six screenshots with explanations.

3) Using the Microsoft Access database you created in Step 2: Customer Service Database, complete the following:

  1. Output three queries using Structured Query Language (SQL) code (not the standard access view). Provide examples of operations. You should include the following:
    1. A query on all contacts in the customers table showing first name, last name, address, e-mail address and three additional fields from the table. 
    2. An update query that changes one or more customer records but not all records. 
    3. A delete query that removes one or more customer records but not all records. 
  2. Using SQL commands add a field called Birthday to the Customers table. Populate all of the fields with data. Show your SQL query in a screenshot with before and after data.
  3. Report on Customers in Database showing Names, State, and Phone Numbers. Show the SQL query and the resulting report in a screenshot. 
  4. Create a report showing contact names and birthdays. Do not show records without a birthday. Show the report and the SQL query in a screenshot.
  5. Provide an explanation of referential integrity, including how a lack of referential integrity can compromise data in the dataset and provide examples. Identify the referential integrity in your database. Show the affected tables in each dataset and how the data elements are impacted as the result of add, change, or deletion (UAD) operations in a before and after screenshot.
Hernandez, M. J. (2003). Database Design for Mere Mortals (2nd ed.). Boston: Addison-Wesley

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Due By (Pacific Time) 03/08/2015 11:08 am
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